3 More KILLER Ideas for Christmas

Olivia Yetman

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s my absolute most favorite time of the year! We’ve already shared 3 Killer Christmas Ideas with you but couldn’t resist giving you 3 More KILLER ideas for Christmas! 

Christmas Devotional on Facebook/Instagram

Have one of your DJs or DJ Team pick out one of their favorite Christmas Devotionals and invite listeners to join in with them every day to go through the devotional together. You can choose the length of time you would like it to be. You can swap between having the DJ read the devotional for the day in a short video, go through it live one day and posting a graphic with the devotional of the day. Once again utilize all the tools that you have at the station. Let listeners know about the Christmas devotional in your email, text club and Facebook and Instagram stories leading up to the start date. 

Once you are finished you can also take that content and easily turn it into a reel and post it to Facebook and Instagram. (Facebook and Instagram are currently pushing out Reels more than ever because they want people to use them.) 

Share Christmas Treat Recipes
Share Christmas Treat Recipes

So many people have delicious Christmas Treat recipes passed down to them and love sharing them with others, so why not have a huge Social “Cookie Exchange”. Have a DJ or DJ team go Live on Facebook sharing about their special Christmas Cookie/Treat recipes, then ask for listeners to comment with their favorite recipe. You could then feature some of them in your FB & IG stories all December long. You could even select some random people to win a gift card or some fun baked goods just for participating (if you wanted to add an extra element and get a local business involved)

You could also even utilize reels by posting several of the recipes with some fun Christmas music in the background. 

Or if you wanted to go a bit of a different route you could also do this with Christmas Ornaments. Just have your DJ’s share the story about their favorite Christmas ornament and ask listeners to do the same in the comments. You can feature them in your stories as well all December long! 

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Choose an amount of time, maybe it’s a Random Acts of Christmas Kindness week, and give prompts to your listeners to be more like Christ this Christmas by doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. Every day in your stories for the amount of time that you allotted give listeners an idea for a Random Act of Christmas Kindness. For example, send a Christmas card to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, or treat a friend or family member to a cup of coffee. Encourage them to post pictures of them spreading Christmas Kindness! Have them tag you and you can even come up with a fun hashtag for it. Re-share the tagged photos to your stories. 

When your time is complete you could do a FB/IG post with all of the ideas on a cute shareable graphic. You could also make a reel about the different Random Acts of Christmas Kindness as well. 

Merry Christmas To All!

Now that you have a list of Christmas ideas, don’t wait until the last minute to get started. If you need help coming up with some great content for Facebook and Instagram this holiday season let us know!

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