5 Tips to Grow Your Channel Audience on YouTube

Brian Curee

YouTube videos is one of the biggest go-to content options for a host of industries. Whether it’s sports, music, or brands advertising their products, YouTube’s extensive reach provides many opportunities to win over new audiences. Radio stations could create a YouTube channel to put a face on their brand and help listeners engage more with your personalities through video content, building loyalty. Plus YouTube is the second largest search engine!

Your radio station can use a YouTube channel for hosting a video podcast. You can do live simulcasts of radio programs so you can win over audiences who prefer to watch videos and listen simultaneously. You can even encourage audience participation and be more diverse in your content, given the freedom of content creation YouTube channel offers.

It is reported that YouTube has 1 billion active users per month, so it is safe to say that YouTube is the ideal social platform for growth in just about any industry. Since YouTube is a platform with billions of users, you’ll need to be creative to stand out on this video platform and ensure you’re reaching the viewers you want. These tips to grow your YouTube channel will help accelerate the process. 

1. Find Your Niche on YouTube

Find your niche on YouTube
Find a topic that’s relevant and that you care about.

Because there are billions of users on YouTube- many of them being regular content creators- it’s easy to fall into the trap of copying other people’s ideas and putting your spin on them to attract audiences. It’s a practice you should do your best to avoid. YouTube loves when you create original content. The more you create original content and present it uniquely, the more likely you are to stand out with your audience. Be yourself and serve the specific audience you’re catering to in the most unique way possible. Each video you create must have a purpose and intent behind it. Without it, your audience can’t relate to your content, leaving you with wasted resources and effort. If there is a passion about the niche topic you’re choosing, demand for the subject(s) you’re covering, and little competition to think about, you’re heading in the right direction. It could be helpful to study what other YouTubers in your niche are doing and decide what you can do differently to be more profound and add value to the listening/viewing experience. A great way to do this is to read comments of the videos doing something similar to what you want to do, and see if the audience is asking for improvements or additions. 

2. Serve Your Audience’s Needs

Study what your audience is interested in, don’t assume their interests. That takes consistent research and finding relevant topics that your audience searches for daily. One way to conduct this kind of research is by using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The planner gives you a detailed look at how many monthly searches are conducted on particular queries. You can add your keywords there using a free account, then get both the search figures and an idea of the level of competition you’re up against. 

Google Trends can also help you see how popular certain topics are and when in the year they’re most searched. You can determine whether the topic you’re interested in covering is seasonal or if the demand for it increases over the year. 

3. Stand Out with Branding 

Branding your YouTube channel establishes an identity and attracts viewers to your content. The aesthetics are important. You need relevant thumbnails, whether from the videos themselves or custom ones, to create instant visual appeal for your viewers. However, the aesthetics won’t be enough without valuable content. Your titles should include relevant (and easily searchable) keywords that make it easier for audience members to find your videos. Add a quality description, front-loading it with the most important information within the first two or three lines. Use relevant tags on your videos and hashtags in the description that will show up under the title, so it reaches more people. Also, don’t forget to add a subscribe button and a related video to click on so users keep coming back to your content. 

4. Be Consistent On Your YouTube Channel

Be consistent on YouTube
The more active you are on YouTube, the better for your station.

Consistency is crucial for growing your channel. The more consistent your are in posting, the better it is in the eyes of YouTube’s algorithm. As you get used to what the algorithm is and become more creative in your content creation while using optimization methods, you’ll open yourself to more viewers. It’s recommended you post once a week for each week of the year, giving you greater potential for long-term staying power, although, posting more than once a week will improve your chances of getting noticed. Furthermore, you’ll get regular feedback from audience members, allowing you to analyze what works and make the necessary adjustments to improve your content.

5. Be Present & Grow Your YouTube Channel

Be engaging with your viewers. Whenever they make comments, thank them genuinely and encourage them to subscribe to your channel if they haven’t already. Hosting a YouTube channel might feel difficult if comments are critical, but take it as a way to continue to grow in your skills and make your channel everything you want it to be for your viewers. If you serve your YouTube audience with valuable video content you’re more likely to achieve more watch time, which plays a big role in the YouTube algorithm in growing your YouTube channel.

BONUS TIP: Promote Your YouTube With Engagement

Engage with other channels, too, when possible. The more people see you around, the more likely they are to check out your channel and videos. Leading to more views on YouTube. 😉

Is YouTube a Social Media Platform?

Funny you should ask. YouTube is a social media platform, and it’s just as much about the connections we make on YouTube. Don’t forget the importance of tip number five. Engage with your youtube audience.

That’s the amazing thing about a video-based social media network: It isn’t limited to flat screens or pixelated connections.

If you want to grow your YouTube audience, make sure that everything you do is in service of the people who subscribe to your channel. Focus on what your subscribers need and like, be consistent with content, and engage with them! With these guidelines in mind, we hope this article has given you some insight into how to successfully use YouTube marketing for business success–and maybe even a few new tricks up your sleeve.

What are some ways that YOU’ve grown your own youtube audience? Let us know in the comments below or contact us at the hive and we can help you come up with a video content strategy!

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