Can You Measure ROI In Christian Radio? or “Yes He Can”

Brian Curee

Christian radio is changing. It’s no longer just about the songs that are played on the radio or the DJs on-air. Radio stations need to look at what they can do to serve their listeners better off-air and provide them with hope when facing crises in their life. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about ROI on digital. In this blog post, we will discuss what ROI is, how it’s calculated, and what ROI actually means in Christian radio.

What Is ROI In Marketing?

You may already know what ROI means, but in case you need a little refresher, here’s a simple explanation:

ROI stands for Return On Investment. It measures the return of your money in relation to what you’ve spent on something, and it’s often used when determining whether or not a marketing campaign is worth continuing.

Example: if you make $100 from advertising a product on Facebook, after spending $50 / month for that ad space, your ROI is $50.

How Does ROI Fit In With Christian Radio?

Christian radio is a powerful force in the lives of people. It can comfort, encourage, and speak hope into lives when they need it the most. But what’s your ROI?

Hi, Christian radio industry, my name is ________, and I’m an ROI. Your ROI in the Christian radio industry is the life-change in people like me. ❤️

Humanizing your digital ROI is crucial. Think about the listener stories at your station. You’ve probably heard stories about how someone tuned in at the right time to hear a song or a word from an on-air personality that changed their life. Have you thought (recently) about how powerful that is? Now ask yourself, “is it the same on digital”? What is your station investing in when it comes to your digital approach? Is it people? A good way to determine what your station is investing in would be to look at the content you’re publishing on digital. Does it add value to people’s lives? Does it serve your audience?

With all the changes happening with data privacy, it’s becoming more difficult to track your ROI. But you can’t afford to let what you can’t see stop you from believing in what God is doing. Don’t get distracted from the mission of your Christian radio station by chasing best marketing practices. Best practices can help provide you with a starting ground, but best doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for your organization.

You can’t always track the digital data, and that’s ok. This is where I believe CAIN’s song “Yes He Can” can be a powerful reminder to us all that even when we can’t see the data, we need to trust God. Trust that when we can’t see the data…“He did, He will, and He can” continue the good work He started.

Before you continue reading, watch the video below explaining the story behind CAIN’s song “Yes He Can”. My prayer is that when we talk about humanizing your digital ROI you’ll step back and feel the same way Logan Cain felt when they wrote the chorus of this song. He said, “This makes sense. This sounds like us.”– Logan Cain

Story Behind “Yes He Can”

I understand being able to see digital data can help us feel more secure in what we’re doing online. When you’re told that some of that data won’t be accessible anymore, take a deep breath. Do what the chorus is CAIN’s song says, “look back” and remember everything He’s done through your station. Look at the lives touched, restored, and changed. Remember the times He has always provided for your station’s needs, the team members He has blessed you with, and trust He will continue to do the same today for those who are faithful to the mission. Focus on what really matters: serving listeners and guiding them to Jesus. (watch the official music video)

Tracking The Progress

The best way for a station manager to see if they’re making progress in digital is by looking at how many people responded positively to their outreach through phone calls, emails, and social media interactions. For example, social media shares and mentions can be used to give you a Brand Awareness score. Reactions and comments can be used to give you a Social Impact score. Use the data that is available to help you see what’s working and what’s not, but don’t forget that faith plays a role in that equation too.

What Christian Radio Is

Christian radio remains an integral part of society by helping connect people with God through music and programming about faith and family values. What you do on digital should do the same. Remember, it’s more than digital. It’s a mission. People are hurting and searching for hope on the other side of that news feed or Google search. We can’t afford to forget our mission by serving someone else’s mission. If your station needs help and guidance to ensure you’re on mission on digital, contact us. We can help you create a digital strategy that is mission-focused and serves people.

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“Yes He Can” Official Music Video

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