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Brian Curee

It is an honor for our team to come alongside you in your mission and guide you in utilizing digital platforms to connect with your audience. How are we different from other marketing companies? Our team specializes in helping those who serve in the Christian radio industry. Learn more about Our Promise and Honeycomb.

Our Mission Statement:

Killer Bee will provide strategies that empower, unite, and connects with people searching for hope in a digital world.

  • Empowering your team with mission-focused strategies
  • Creating a common goal that is mission-focused to unite your team
  • Connecting you with people searching for hope by being relatable and present

Are you asking yourself, "do I need a digital coach?"

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Do you need help answering one or more of these questions?

  • How can I connect with my customers?
  • How do I relate to my customer’s story?
  • What is my customer’s story?
  • Where do I connect with my target clients online?
  • How can I grow my client base?
  • How do I describe what I do in a way that will resonate with my target audience?
  • How do I develop a digital marketing strategy that my audience can relate to and does not feel like marketing?
  • How do I build and manage our email list/campaign?
  • How do I make sure my website delivers clarity and not confusion?
  • How do I set digital goals and track results?
  • How can we increase our online conversion rate?
  • How do I streamline our digital efforts and expand our digital footprint?
  • Does it make sense for me to use Social Media, and if so, how do I do it effectively? Which platforms should I use, and how about paid ads? Are they necessary?
  • How do I create a daily/weekly digital marketing plan that people connect and relate to, and builds an audience that are target clients?
  • How do I develop a network or community for my business?
  • How do I manage my time and information more efficiently, and to let go of the things that don’t matter?
  • How do I overcome the information overload, so that I can have more clarity and focus to do the things that matter most?
  • How can I create more video content for our business?

What People Are Saying

Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen

Radio Host & Author – The Brant Hansen Show

Brian isn't just knowledgeable about strategy, although that's obviously helpful. The most wonderful thing about Brian is that he's a very hard worker. He's always thinking, "How can I do this better?" and then he does it. That's priceless for anyone like me who's busy with other radio stuff.

Josh Lauritch - 55 Promotion Review

Josh Lauritch

55 Promotion

Brian's been a huge asset to my company as a marketing partner. He brings wisdom and passion to his field and is full of great ideas that we can execute to help tell the best stories about the people we represent. He also cares about people and relationships and doing the right thing each day. 

Art Garza - STAR 93.3

Art Garza

Director of Broadcasting

I've worked with Brian for over 6 years now and he continues to deliver great ideas and effective strategies. Brian is one of those people that are extremely talented and gifted at what they do. He cares about helping other markets reach their potential on digital platforms.


Ben McDonald

Owner/Manager/Artist Sidewalk Prophets

Brian has such a great knowledge when it comes to understanding human connection.  It is for this very reason, that he is an outstanding digital marketer.  It is clear that Brian has put in the time to understand people, trends, and technology in away that allows for optimum success in a very cluttered digital world.  When you add his desire to truly help, and care for people to this diverse skill set, it makes Brian one of the best tools, and friends to have in your corner.


Kory Henkel

Director of Marketing & Communication - Centricity Music

We at Centricity have had the opportunity to work with Brian on several projects where he has interviewed some of our artist. We've been extremely pleased with Brian's professionalism while working with our team. He strives to assure the artist are comfortable and not pressured during the interview process, and the final product is of the highest quality. Every time I’ve worked with Brian, he's been efficient, professional, and organized.