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Our digital coaches serve as your guide, covering a wide range of services (e.g., social media, videography, brand messaging, goal setting, content marketing, and more) sharing tips, strategies, best practices, and helping your team solve the right problems in the right order.

Brian Curee, CEO Killer Bee Marketing

Our Promise To You

Coach First, Friend Second

Anyone who has worked with our team understands that we value each client as a friend. Of course, we can be friends on social media. We will like your photos and encourage you in your daily life, but we will be your digital coach first and your friend second during work hours. FYI: No coaching will take place on a public social media platform.

Solving The Right Problems In The Right Order

It’s easy to solve the right problems in the wrong order. We want to help you solve the right problems in the right order. When we see you doing work that doesn’t matter most, we will guide you to what’s most important right now. Our goal is to teach you from our own experience, to help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made.

We're Here To Help

You must swim towards us, not away. If something is unclear, not going according to your plan, or you feel we are guiding you to do something that feels uncomfortable, don’t swim away. We cannot help you achieve the best result if you don’t ask for help or more information behind our suggested approach.

Responsibility & Support

We are responsible to you, not for you. We promise to be there to support you, provide resources, show up, and help guide you towards the results you’re looking to achieve.

Compare You To You

If you only compare you to you, we will only compare you to you. We are all in different seasons in life. You may be in season one, which is fine. It is crucial you don’t compare your season one to someone else’s season seven.

KBM Can Help You:

  • Make better digital decisions serving as your guide
  • Create a brand connect strategy
  • Create a digital strategy that aligns with your purpose
  • Set digital goals to measure performance
  • Create a content marketing strategy to grow your brand awareness
  • Inform you about digital news
  • And much more...

What People Are Saying

The team at Killer Bee has helped WGTS tremendously during our past couple of fundraisers. They laid out a plan for us to use on social media and the website. I’m always impressed with how responsive they are to our needs, and how easy their digital plan was to execute. Beyond that, they’ve removed the stress of trying to come up with those engaging posts out of thin air. Seriously– if you need a leg up on your digital strategy, use Killer Bee.

Rob Conway WGTS

Rob Conway
WGTS 91.9

Brian isn't just knowledgeable about strategy, although that's obviously helpful. The most wonderful thing about Brian is that he's a very hard worker. He's always thinking, "How can I do this better?" and then he does it. That's priceless for anyone like me who's busy with other radio stuff.

Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen
The Brant Hansen Show

Brian and his team are always full of wisdom & inspiration. Helping Christian Music Broadcasters fulfill our mission to encourage, engage, and equip our members to impact their communities for Christ. We are grateful! Thank you for being a part of our Momentum Summits and serving the Christian radio industry.


Michelle Younkman
Christian Music Broadcasters

I've worked with Brian for over 6 years now and he continues to deliver great ideas and effective strategies. Brian is one of those people that are extremely talented and gifted at what they do. He cares about helping other markets reach their potential on digital platforms.

Art Garza - STAR 93.3

Art Garza
Director of Broadcasting

Brian's team has been a huge asset to my company as a marketing partner. He brings wisdom and passion to his field and is full of great ideas that we can execute to help tell the best stories about the people we represent. He also cares about people and relationships and doing the right thing each day.

Josh Lauritch - 55 Promotion Review

Josh Lauritch
55 Promotion

Brian has such great knowledge when it comes to understanding human connection. It is for this very reason, that he is an outstanding digital marketer. It is clear that Brian has put in the time to understand people, trends, and technology in a way that allows for optimum success in a very cluttered digital world. When you add his desire to truly help, and care for people to this diverse skill set, it makes Brian one of the best tools, and friends to have in your corner.


Ben McDonald
Owner/Manager/Artist Sidewalk Prophets

Stop Doing Digital Alone

Killer Bee will provide strategies that empower, unite, and connects with people searching for hope in a digital world.

  • Empowering your team with purpose-focused strategies
  • Creating common goals that unite your team
  • Connecting you with people searching for hope by being relatable and present

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