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Killer Bee Marketing provides digital consulting services and strategies to businesses that want to improve their online presence. Our team will help you develop a digital strategy that fits your business's purpose and provide guidance on which problems should be solved first. We'll help you connect with your ideal target audience, build a community to earn trust, and improve customer relations across digital platforms. Learn more about the KBM Promise (pdf).

It can be tough to figure out all the moving pieces on your own, and even if you think you have it down, there's always room for improvement. A digital coach can help you look at what you're doing and make recommendations on improving your results. They can also give you an outside perspective on campaigns that work well for your competitors.

Hiring a coach is a great way to up your game, whether you're just starting out in digital marketing or have been at it for a while. Our digital marketing coaches can help identify bad habits, give guidance on best practices, and offer support when things get tough.

  • Our Digital Marketing Consultants Can Help You:

    • Deliver a clear brand message across digital platforms
    • Set digital goals that align with your purpose
    • Understand the different digital marketing platforms to decide which ones are best for your business
    • Create a digital touchpoint map
    • Optimize your website users' experience, and establish trackable goals to help improve conversions using the StoryBrand method
    • Create a social media marketing strategy
    • Establish a content marketing plan that serves alongside your brand's mission while increasing your digital footprint
    • Build a stronger community across digital platforms
    • Prepare a video brand awareness ad campaign on social media to generate a warm audience to retarget
    • Create an email marketing strategy
    • And more...

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