Digital Strategy

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of creating a digital marketing plan for your business? Are you wondering if it’s really necessary or tired of trying to keep up with ever-changing algorithms? Our team at Killer Bee Marketing ltd. is ready to create a strategic plan that clarifies your message through storytelling. We can help you set micro and macro goals that align with your brand’s mission.

Website Services

Don’t waste your time and money sending new traffic to a website or landing page that is cluttered and confusing. Most people don’t read websites today- they scan them. You only have seconds to convert on your site’s goals. Killer Bee Marketing ltd. can help you implement a new website using the WordPress platform, making it easy for your team to make updates, create pages, post blogs, and more. Our website services can also include Google Analytics setup and reporting to help you know what is and is not working when it comes to your digital goals.

A great marketing plan will make a bad product fail faster.

Mike Hyatt

Let Killer Bee Marketing ltd. help make sure your digital assets are great products that drive goal conversions. Our desire is to see your efforts succeed so they are effective in reaching more people.

Content Creation Services

We understand your business has a lot of wheels being turned by a handful of people. Creating content every day, every week, every month can be a HUGE challenge. Killer Bee Marketing ltd. can help assure new content is being created, scheduled and posted to increase your company's digital footprint. We will put together a plan that will take the pressure off your team and allow them to focus on interacting with your fans. Freeing your team to focus on building engagement with your local audience will help grow loyalty among your fans. Let us focus on creating content that aligns with your brand’s message and mission (e.g., Blogs, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts).

Digital Marketing Services

Facebook algorithm changes again ... 🤦‍♂️ Not only do you have to keep up with all the changes on these platforms, you need to create images, write ad copy, choose the right targeting options, set up Facebook pixels, track results, etc. Don’t forget about email marketing. No worries- we understand finding the time to keep up with all this can be difficult. Killer Bee Marketing ltd. can help you with your Digital Marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and email marketing campaigns. Our team can create landing pages that focus primarily on your key CTA to increase your ROI.

1:1 Coaching Services

If you’re a business that has a marketing or digital department already, but just feels behind the times or confused about the best way to jump in the digital waters, schedule a 1:1 digital coaching session with Brian Curee.

1:1 Digital Coaching Session