How To Choose Better YouTube Titles

Brian Curee

How do you choose a good title for ranking on YouTube? It’s easy to get caught up in lighting, the best camera options, and creating great thumbnails, but you cannot afford to neglect your video title. Today, I’m going to show you a tool you can use to help do just that!

The Keywords Everywhere Plugin

First, you will need to download the Keywords Everywhere plugin from Follow the on-screen directions to install the plugin on Google Chrome or Firefox. After you have successfully installed the plugin, open Google.

🚨 As of October 1, 2019, this plugin is no longer available for free.

Keywords Everywhere Plugin

As you may know, when you type a key phrase into the Google search bar, Google will give you recommendations. For example, let’s say you are going to create a video about getting through tough times. If you begin typing “getting through” you’ll see Google’s recommended keywords populates things like “getting through hard times”, “getting through divorce”, “getting through the day.” What Keywords Everywhere does is it gives you the monthly average search volume for these phrases, the CPC, plus the competition score.

Google Search: Getting Through (predictable search results)

When we look to the right of the keyword phrase “getting through hard times” you’ll notice it says 720 searches a month. Besides that, you have a dollar amount, which is what you should expect to pay-per-click if you were doing paid ads (CPC). The last number you will see is the competition score. This number is very very important. Don’t let it throw you off- it’s kind of a weird number. The competition scores uses a 0 to 1 scale. 1 being the highest competition. The keyword phrase “getting through hard times” has a zero competition score. So that is a great phrase to incorporate into your YouTube video. Next on the Google recommendations is the keyword phrase “getting through divorce.” You’ll see this phrase is being searched an average of 1000 times a month and the competition is 0.28. That’s a little more competitive than “getting through hard times” but not much.

Tip For New YouTube Channels

If you’re new to YouTube and you have less than a thousand subscribers I would try to use keyword phrases whose average search volume is below 1,000 and have low competition scores. The reason why is because if you choose a topic that has a crazy high monthly search volume (e.g., 49,000) you may be placing your content in a large bucket that you have no chance of being found in because of your low subscriber count. When you try to compete against the bigger channels that have built a loyal following and have shown Google & YouTube that people love their content, you will be pushed towards the bottom until you have proven your content is well received by the masses.

How To Choose A Good Keyword Phrase

Here’s the rule I use when I’m looking for a good keyword phrase for my titles. I base the average search volume on how many subscribers I currently have. If I have 1,000 subscribers or less, I will choose a title that is being searched 1,000 times or less. If your channel has 100,000 subscribers and you find a keyword phrase that is searched an average of 49,000 times a month, go for it! But, don’t forget about that competition score. 😉

Keywords Everywhere ⭐️ Icon

Another cool feature on the Keywords Everywhere Plugin is the star icon. You’ll notice in the sample below, that there is a star icon beneath the search bar. You can click the star icon and it will create a list of keyword phrases under your “my keyword” section of the Keywords Everywhere plugin.

Keywords Everywhere Star Icon

I hope you find the Keywords Everywhere Plugin useful in your content marketing strategy. Thanks for reading our blog and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel at to learn more about creating videos on YouTube, for radio.

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