How To Generate More Digital Content For Radio

Brian Curee

Are you looking for a way to create and distribute more digital content for your radio station?

We all know how valuable it is to have unique content. The challenge is sifting through the many options to publish content on. I’m not one to say “do it all,” but I do encourage you to post on platforms that fit your industry. I know it can seem overwhelming, so let’s break it down.

In the radio industry, we tend to put all our efforts towards on-air and social media, but there are other areas we can utilize and work to become experts in. Podcasting, for example. Podcasting has continued to grow over the last five years and is one of the three platforms we think radio should consider investing in. According to Google Trends, podcasting ranks second to Spotify, and FM Broadcasting comes in third. Podcasting could help us close the gap between Spotify and FM Broadcasting.


A HUGE benefit to podcasting is the ability to generate many types of content from one source. Plus, podcasts offer a lot of possibilities for growing your audience and building deeper relationships with your listeners. With one video podcast, you can generate a YouTube video, video blog, audio podcast, on-air clips, blog post (maybe more than one), and multiple social media posts. That’s a lot of content from one podcast.

Breakdown Of Content Generation From A Single Podcast

  • Record a video podcast (this could also be published on YouTube)
  • Create an audio podcast or extract the audio from the video podcast
  • Extract short sound clips to use on-air and direct listeners to listen to the full story on your podcast (make available within your app)
  • Transcribe the audio and create a blog post highlighting segments from the podcast (we use a service called Trint)
  • Pull quotes from the podcast to create unique social media post

Before we started posting blogs consistently, we had a total of 590,228 page views for the year. After one year of posting a weekly blog, our annual page views climbed above 1.8 million! 😱 50% of that traffic came from Google searches!!! Now imagine what kind of traffic and possible new listeners you could generate if you took the time to produce other content from a podcast. This could be a game-changer for FM broadcasting.


With Spotify now jumping into the podcasting arena we can not afford to sit back and keep doing what we’ve always done on radio. Trends are showing that on-demand is something people want.

“Most people I know are interested in on-demand stuff; Podcast is essentially audio Netflix.” – Jordan Harbinger

The good news is, we already have the equipment we need to create great audio podcasts, so why not go for it! Could podcasting be radio’s Netflix? What are your thoughts?

Do you have a podcast? Share a link in the comments below! I’d love to give it a listen. 👍

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