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Social media engagement enhances your brand’s reputation. Regularly posting content isn’t enough, especially if the information or visuals you’re sharing have little purpose attached to them. The content that you post should be more than promotional- it should motivate people to participate and engage. It should be empathetic and valuable for your target audiecne. Your content should address any pain points that your ideal customer has, allowing you to develop greater trust with your followers. Here are three steps you should take when determining how to increase engagement on social media platforms and build a community of loyal and engaged followers.

Be Present

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A presence on social media wins you brand recognition and loyalty.

Establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform requires consistency and patience. Too much emphasis is placed on going viral rather than creating meaningful content that possesses staying power. 

On Instagram, it’s recommended that you post content up to three times daily with appropriate hashtags, image sizes, and video resolution. On Facebook, you should post at least three times a week to engage viewers. That doesn’t sound like a lot of posts, but these recommendations take into consideration that pages with over 10,000 followers experience engagement drops of 50% per post if they post more than once daily. 

Of course, being present on social media goes beyond creating daily posts. Part of garnering increased social media engagement is timing. Facebook insights are helpful metrics that show you when most of your Facebook followers tend to log in and view your posts. You can also view insights on Instagram or the Analytics section of YouTube’s Creator Studio to help you get an idea of when your audience is online. 

You also need to show your audience that you value their opinions by responding as often as possible to their comments. This allows you to build a community on your social platform rather than just use the platform as a promotional tool. Businesses should avoid being too commercial in an age where people want to feel a more personal connection with brands. Over 75% of consumers are more likely to connect with brands who establish such a connection. You’re not selling your audience. You’re serving them and giving them more reasons to check out your content. Stay active and social on your channels to keep users interested and improve brand visibility. Be present.

Ask Questions

Questions should be asked of audience members to increase engagement.

Another way to improve engagement on your social platforms is to ask questions. You can follow up comments made under posts with questions to try and get people to expand their viewpoints or share their exact thoughts on the content you’re sharing. This will enable you to gauge your audience, understanding their emotions and pain points while knowing what content they relate to best. 

For example, say you post a tip about a service you provide, like an automated car wash. Someone comments, ‘I love this!’ You could respond by asking the question, ‘What kind of car do you drive?’ or ‘How often do you wash your car?’ People love it when you ask them questions about them. It helps your brand standout and triggers the engagement loop, which can help your post’s viral reach.

Be Human

People don’t trust brands. People trust people. Be Human!

If you’re not from this planet, you may have a harder time with this one. If you are human, then feel free to act like it! Don’t try to be perfect on social media- people are tired of fake news and fake people. Relatability is a major facet of social media marketing that separates great brands from the strugglers.

Improve Your Social Media Engagement

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