Is Your Station Ready For The New Facebook Pages Experience?

Olivia Yetman

Thanks to Facebook Pages, businesses of all kinds from all over have been able to formulate steady client bases, improving network capabilities and launching the careers of entrepreneurs. However, in 2021, you may have noticed that the Facebook Pages experience has drastically changed. The way Pages are presented has been rearranged, certain features are being expedited and you can even go to dark mode to create an edgier feel. It’s a minor overhaul of how businesses can present their brands and services.

Facebook is changing things all the time, and yes, we all know it can be an annoyance. But you may find this to be much more helpful than the classic version. Here’s what you need to know about the newest version of Facebook Pages. 

Followers Are The Focus Now, Not Likes 

One of the first things you do every time you check your page, of course, is to see how many likes/followers your page has. Likes have always been identified with Facebook since the like button is so central to how the platform operates. With the new Facebook Pages experience, attention is being taken off likes and strictly being placed on followers, as followers are a better indicator of who’s keeping up to date with your content. 

If your radio station is using the new Facebook Page experience, you’ll notice that the number of followers your page has is one of the first things you’ll see underneath the profile picture when you survey the page. Those that like your page but haven’t pressed the follow button will no longer receive page posts in their news feeds. You can invite your friends by sending invites through the Invite to Follow button to avoid that problem. In a way, it’s being remodeled to function like Instagram and Twitter; if you want to be a good leader on social media, get the people to follow! 

Your Page’s Network Will Be Extended

Another new emphasis with the new Facebook Pages experience is that your page will now have a news feed. You can network with other brands similar to yours or interact with followers to help spread the word to potential new followers. Other Pages can comment on your page as a result and vice versa, building a deeper relationship with your followers. If a public figure comments on your page, that comment gets bumped to the top of the page too.

If your page is verified, the new Facebook Pages experience will allow the page to get a priority push in your newsfeed. If you feel like you’ve met the requirements for that coveted blue tick, here’s a link to help you make that upgrade. 

Certain Features Won’t Be Available

In addition to likes slowly fading away, you’ll see that other features have been removed or rearranged to try and ease the browsing experience. Among the rearranged features includes publishing tools and scheduled posts, both of which are now embedded in the new Creator Studio. You can also visit the Business Suite to check your Facebook and Instagram (if your pages are connected) messages, plus view detailed page insights and visit your ad center, all as part of the new Manage Pages feature. Classic features such as reviews, check-ins, page templates, and notes (who writes notes anymore anyway?) have been removed. Plus, you can just click on the top right-hand corner of your page to switch between your profile and the page.

What Happens To Your Content and Live Streaming? 

Nothing happens, really. All your content follows you with this upgraded Facebook Pages experience, just that now the arrangement looks different. You can also still do live streaming by clicking the Live button, which is now put into a create row above your posts. That row also lets you create events, job posts, ads to promote your page or boost existing posts, as well as create offers to keep your followers engaged and attract potential customers to your service(s). Facebook also has better tracking of suspicious activity on your page with the new Facebook Pages experience to help keep it safe. 

How Can You Make The Switch?

If you haven’t already moved up from the classic design, you will either get a prompt to make the switch or can just tap your profile picture and select your page (of the Switch Profile button). If you’re not a fan of the new experience and want to go back to classic mode, you’d lose any new content and ads as well as some insights.  

We hope you enjoy the new Facebook Pages experience. Our team at Killer Bee Marketing, can remove the confusion around your station’s digital strategy and make the new Facebook Pages experience an integral part of that strategy.

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