Meet Our Digital Coaches

Brian Curee - Killer Bee Marketing

Brian Curee

Digital Strategist & Coach

Zig Ziglar once said, “if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” My goal is to help give broadcasters something to aim for on these digital platforms. It begins with a clear understanding of your purpose. Next, you need a digital strategy (a plan) that works alongside your purpose and places you within your listeners' journey as a guide to serve and help them where they are today. You can not afford to do digital just have to do digital with purpose. When you do digital with purpose, it will transform peoples' lives.


Olivia Yetman

Social Media & Metaverse Coach

What I love most about social media are the possibilities it gives us broadcasters to connect with people on the other side of the newsfeed. People are looking for genuine community and relationships, whether we're talking about web 2.0 or web 3.0 (the virtual world). I genuinely believe we can use these platforms to touch hearts and change lives, one post at a time.

John Owens, Video Coach at Killer Bee Marketing

John Owens

Videography & YouTube Coach

If you're a broadcaster, you can't afford to ignore the fact that video is becoming the new medium on digital platforms. My passion is to help teach you and your team how to embrace this medium to expand your footprint on digital platforms. Video marketing allows you to connect with your audience more personally and deeper to take your message beyond the airwaves.

What Sets Us Apart


We do digital coaching with a clear focus on our clients’ purpose, goals, and unique mission. We understand that your purpose is different, and that purpose shouldn't be ignored.


As a digital marketing company, it’s easy to get distracted by metrics and forget the human aspect.  We take a people-first focus. Creating a plan to serve people first will help establish trust and loyalty on digital platforms.


As we experiment, adapt, and learn together, it’s important to praise people for what they’re doing well—celebrating wins together, not just discussing what needs to change. You're not alone, and our coaches are cheering you on!

+ Over 25 Years Of Experience In Digital

Our team has over 25 years of combined experience developing digital strategies that help broadcasters and businesses deliver clarity, improve conversions, and expand their digital footprint to reach more people.

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