Metaverse Services & Consulting

Killer Bee Marketing offers virtual world development services for businesses and organizations looking to create a presence in the metaverse on Horizon Worlds. Our team can help with your project's strategy, planning, design, development, and scripting. See an example of the virtual Killer Bee Studios world, developed on the Horizon Worlds platform

The Metaverse is a term that describes a future digital world in which all humans are connected through virtual and augmented reality. Businesses are starting to consider the reality of this digital technology could be used as a new way to market their brands.

As more people use VR, the Metaverse is forecasted to become increasingly populated. This provides an amazing opportunity for businesses to reach consumers in a new and engaging way. VR offers an immersive experience that can be customized for each brand, making it a very powerful tool for marketing purposes.

  • Our Consultants Can:

    • Meet and discuss the current possibilities we've experienced in the Metaverse and ways your business could take advantage of the Metaverse
    • Create a strategy to connect with your ideal customers in a virtual world
    • Design and develop a custom virtual world for your business (current development is built upon Meta's Horizon Worlds platform)
    • Provide monthly maintenance to virtual worlds developed by Killer Bee Marketing
    • And more to come...

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