Brant Hansen


  • Create a strategy for Brant Hansen’s YouTube channel
  • Review, edit, finalize, schedule videos
  • Design YouTube thumbnails
  • Research and optimize videos to increase awareness

Work summary

We reviewed Brant’s YouTube channel and restructured his channel to highlight his playlists. We optimized his videos by researching key phrases and topics that users were searching online. We tracked audience retention to choose the best length for his videos and created custom thumbnails to help increase his click-through rate. Below are some numbers to show the growth after one year of YouTube management service.

YouTube Growth & Performance

  • Total Subscribers: 5,805 (⬆57%)
  • Total Views: 132.7k (⬆252%)
  • Total Watch Time (hours): 7.5k (⬆566%)
  • Average View Duration: 3:23 (⬆89%)
  • Impressions: 1.1M (⬆322%)

Brian isn't just knowledgeable about strategy, although that's obviously helpful. The most wonderful thing about Brian is that he's a very hard worker. He's always thinking, "How can I do this better?" and then he does it. That's priceless for anyone like me who's busy with other radio stuff.

Brant Hansen

Work samples

YouTube Thumbnail Samples

YouTube Video Sample