Agency Landing Page


  • Create an email marketing strategy
  • Manage email marketing campaigns
  • Design / Develop a landing page to maximize conversions

Work summary

Below you can view the landing page created for Plum Tree Realty. This landing page was strategically laid out based on the answers we collected from Chris in regards to their audience and goals. The landing page will also provide us stats to track clickthrough rates and conversions. You can visit to view the landing page online.

Brian is a an amazing marketer! He is gifted at pulling together all the elements necessary to drive a successful marketing campaign, and he does everything with a high level of excellence. Brian's marketing skills cross over to any type of business. We are in the real estate industry, and he quickly developed strategies that were spot on for helping us grow our company. I highly recommend Brian for helping you build your brand.

Chris Russell

Work samples

Landing Page Preview

Plum Tree Realty Landing Page