Social Media Marketing Management

Killer Bee Marketing can provide social media management, strategy, content creation, and community engagement support services to help your business connect with its followers on a more unique and personal level. Helping your business stand out across social media platforms. Our focus is to serve vs. promote. Your followers will become your best marketing investment when you serve first and build trust.

A social media marketing manager should have a deep understanding of how social media works and the ability to analyze data and create reports. They should also be able to develop creative campaigns that align with your company's goals and objectives. Additionally, a social media marketing manager should be able to write copy that catches people's attention and generates engagement. Lastly, they should be able to manage all aspects of social media, including scheduling posts, responding to comments, and tracking results.

  • Our Digital Consultants Can:

    • Perform a social media audit to ensure your social media profiles are optimized and complete
    • Create a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your business's purpose and is designed to connect with your ideal audience
    • Create a social media posting schedule to create consistency
    • Research relevant content that is relevant to your followers
    • Create graphics to enhance your social media presence
    • Write copy that catches people's attention and generates engagement
    • Schedule and manage posts
    • Provide engagement support to help improve your brand's community and establish a stronger connection with your followers 
    • Provide monthly performance reports

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