Horizon World Development

Have you ever thought about taking your business to the Metaverse? Now you can! Whether you're a coach, consultant, broadcaster, podcaster, or organization, we can help bring your service to the Metaverse. Below are some photos taken from the Killer Bee Studios in Horizon Worlds. Each metaverse world we develop will be designed to connect with your audience uniquely and personally.

If you're wondering if the Metaverse is ideal for your business, feel free to set up a call with our team to discuss the possibilities further. Your business might not need a world in the metaverse, but there may be some marketing opportunities in developed worlds that align with your business's purpose.

The Killer Bee Studios in Horizon Worlds

Why The Metaverse?

We understand to some, the thought of a virtual world seems scary and strange, but it's already here. Now we must ask, "How do we reach and connect with people in VR?"

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Our team has over 25 years of combined experience developing digital strategies that help businesses deliver clarity, improve conversions, and expand their digital footprint to reach more people.

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