Digital Impact Workshops

Are you making a difference across digital platforms?

We get it, it is hard to know if you're using your digital tools the right way. With all the time, money, and effort you put into your digital presence, knowing the answer to that question is crucial.

The Digital Impact Workshop is designed to empower your team to use digital more effectively, serving your mission instead of the other way around. Choose your desired path below to get more details about what's included in this two-hour workshop.

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Get To Know Brian Curee

Brian Curee is a seasoned digital strategist, husband, father, believer, and the CEO of Killer Bee Marketing. He brings over 15 years of experience empowering teams to cut through the digital noise, with the mission to serve those who serve others.

Specializing in the Christian broadcasting sector, Brian has worked extensively with radio industry leaders and organizations, applying his unique blend of expertise in computer science, theology, and digital communication to craft strategies and digital content that resonate more deeply and authentically with people to impact more lives across the digital mission field.