Services We Offer

Digital Strategy

KBM specializes in creating digital strategies that empower your team members, align with your mission, improves conversions, and helps grow your audience online. Having a plan can guide your team to ensure that you're utilizing the platforms that align with your station's goals and serves your audience.

Digital Consulting

Our digital consultants serve as your guide, covering a wide range of services (e.g., social media, videography, brand messaging, goal setting, content marketing, and more) sharing tips, strategies, best practices, and helping your team solve the right problems in the right order.

KBM Advisory Groups

Join a KBM Advisory Group and you’ll get coaching and guidance from a trusted KBM Coach and get connected with other people facing similar challenges while trying to serve a greater mission on digital.

Brand Connect Strategy

It's more than a flashy logo or a catchy slogan. How you approach brand awareness on digital can play a significant role in what people say about your brand. That's why it's essential to create a brand connect strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy will help guide your team to ensure your content aligns with your mission. Social media is about community and is an essential piece that will increase brand awareness and trust with your followers. "Don't feed the feed. Feed the people." –KillerB

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable content that connects with your target audience. KBM's digital consultants will create a content strategy that grows your brand awareness online, generates leads, and establishes brand trust.

Goal Setting & Vision Casting

KBM will create an action plan designed around your brand connect strategy that aligns with your mission on digital. Establishing goals will help your team be more deliberate on digital platforms and improve your ROI on digital platforms.

Content Writing

Creating consistent blog content can expand your digital footprint and grow your audience online. KBM's team of content writers can write blog content that aligns with your mission and your audience's needs while increasing the value of your online content.

Website Design/Development

Stop wasting money sending traffic to a website that is cluttered and confusing. People don’t read websites today- they scan them, just like social media. KBM will create a strategy and plan to deliver your message clearly and improve goal conversions by designing/developing a custom WordPress site.

Landing Page Design/Development

A landing page is ideal for driving targeted traffic towards a desired action, such as filling out a form, streaming your station, or buying event tickets. We recommend landing pages for paid ads to help improve conversion rates and your ROI.

Graphic Design

Get help with your graphic design needs, including social media creatives, print design, billboards, flyers, logos, and more.

Digital Reporting

Get customized reports that help your team quickly review goal conversions, brand awareness, growth, engagement, and more.


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