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KBM specializes in creating digital strategies that empowers your team, aligns with your mission, improves conversions, and helps grow your audience online.

Digital Consulting

  • With our digital consultants by your side, you'll be able to navigate the world of digital. Our experts will help teach you how to best approach each platform while providing tips, best practices, or strategies that align with your radio station's digital goals and mission.

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Digital Advisory Groups

  • Digital Advisory Groups is a place where you’ll get coaching and guidance from a trusted KBM Coach and learn from others in a group setting. We understand that doing digital on your own can feel isolating at times; it's nice to be part of a community where people are going through similar challenges.

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Brand Connect Strategy

  • It's more than a flashy logo or a catchy slogan. A radio station needs to be able to offer a strong brand image. A great way of doing this is by approaching your online presence with an interesting, creative and engaging strategy that will place you in the storyline your audience is living. Creating a 'brand connect' strategy is essential to position your station as the guide that serves your target audience.

$1,499 (starting price)

Social Strategy

  • We'll help you develop a social strategy to reach your audience with content that aligns with the mission of your station. Social media is about building communities and we want to make sure everything works together so people will follow your station and trust what they see from you in social channels. "Don't feed the feed. Feed the people." –KillerB

$999 (starting price)

Content Strategy

  • We help you create an engaging content marketing strategy to write blogs and articles that will serve your audience's needs. Content Marketing can also increase the SEO of Google searches for your station's brand, which is why it should be incorporated into your station's digital plan.

$999 (starting price)


Content Writers

  • To help you expand and grow your digital footprint, our talented content writers create original blog posts that are optimized for search inquires. These articles can be tailored to what your audience is looking for on the web.

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Goal Setting

  • We can help you establish goals for the digital platforms your radio station uses. Establishing goals will ensure that your team is deliberate when they're using these channels, which will improve the return on investment in these areas.

$599 (starting price)

Digital Reporting

  • Setting goals is just the first step. You should also be tracking your performance on digital channels in order to understand what works and doesn't work for your audience. We can help you create a digital performance report to measure your digital efforts.

$799 (starting price)

Web Development

  • Stop wasting money sending traffic to a website that is cluttered and confusing. People don’t read websites today- they scan them, just like social media. KBM will create a strategy and plan to deliver your message clearly and improve goal conversions by designing/developing a custom WordPress site.

Landing Page Development

  • A landing page is ideal for driving targeted traffic towards a desired action, such as filling out a form, streaming your station, or buying event tickets. We recommend landing pages for paid ads to help improve conversion rates and your ROI. (Includes 60 days of hosting)

$299 (starting price)


Graphic Design

  • Get help with your graphic design needs, including social media creatives, print design, billboards, flyers, logos, and more.


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