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In digital marketing, where every business competes for a moment of attention, the true challenge lies not in being seen but in connecting. At Killer Bee Marketing, we're taking a different approach. We believe in crafting marketing strategies that create meaningful connections, transforming digital interactions into opportunities to impact more lives, embodying our principle: "We Don't Buy Attention. We Earn It."

Our Purpose Statement:

Empowering teams to use digital more effectively.


Brian Curee, CEO

Why We Choose to Earn Attention vs. Buy It

In a world inundated with ads and campaigns, the quest for visibility often leads to a barrage of noise. Yet, amidst this racket, our mission remains clear—empower minds to effectively use digital platforms. We firmly believe that while buying attention may grant a momentary glance, earning it paves the way for lasting relationships.

The Journey to Connection: Unlike the immediate gratification of performance marketing, earning attention is a testament to patience and authenticity. It's an approach that demands time, but the results—a loyal community and deeper connection—are worth every step.

Our journey towards earning attention rather than buying it is informed by our experiences and those shared within the industry. Witnessing clients invest heavily in paid social ads with minimal to no return, including a notable example shared by marketing expert Seth Godin, where 3/4  of a million dollars in ads resulted in only seven dollars of revenue, has been eye-opening. These instances underscore the inefficacy of relying solely on paid visibility, prompting our strategic pivot to focus on building genuine, lasting connections. Unlike the transient impact of paid advertising, earning attention through meaningful engagement fosters deeper relationships, higher retention, and loyalty.

Our Approach: Creating Meaningful Connections

We understand the digital world is vast, sometimes feeling like uncharted territory. Where to begin, which strategies to put into play, and how to integrate digital marketing into an already packed schedule are questions that can overwhelm even the most seasoned organizations. Our team at Killer Bee Marketing is your guide through this digital maze. Specializing in digital content marketing, we craft strategies tailored for your organization, focusing on creating meaningful connections rather than fleeting impressions.

We dig deep into the purpose of your organization, ensuring that your digital presence doesn't just capture attention—it creates meaningful connections. We ensure your values and goals are interwoven into every digital touchpoint through our wide range of marketing strategy services, including coaching, social media management, website development, and more. After all, your purpose matters.

Transforming Digital Interactions Into Opportunities

We promise to navigate the complexities of online marketing alongside you, turning digital hurdles into opportunities for deeper engagement and greater impact. Our expertise lies in reaching your audience and resonating with them, earning their trust and loyalty through every interaction.


The digital content landscape is continually growing and changing. I felt overwhelmed and wanted to be sure I was making the best choices possible for our ministry. After watching Brian work with other Christian stations, artists and labels, I decided to hire Killer Bee to help us focus, prioritize and plan for success. What I have found is that we are doing digital together…However, we are also on mission together…and that means just as much as digital “success.” I am eager to see where the next year takes us. I feel confident I have a great partner in helping us reach more people for Christ in St. Louis and beyond.

Brandi (Rowe) Reichert

Director of Strategic Marketing - 99.1 JOY FM and BOOST Radio
Jonathan Hill

The Killer Bee team is amazing and cares deeply about connecting and thoroughly understanding your business so that they can genuinely help. They’ve helped us better understand digital marketing, identify our existing customer base, clarify our message to customers, and train our teammates on implementing the plans. We trust Brian and the team he has developed with our business and customers. We will continue to work with them because they add value every day to our company and the team they interact with.

Johnathan Hill

President - Mighty Wash
Josh Lauritch - 55 Promotion Review

Brian (KillerB) has been a huge asset to my company as a marketing partner. Their team is full of great ideas that we can execute to help tell the best stories about the people we represent. They care about people, relationships, and doing the right thing each day. Our conversations don’t merely help me grow in my business; they help me grow as a man. Brian is the real deal!

Josh Lauritch

CEO of 55 Promotion

Let's Impact More Lives Together

We would be honored to embark on this journey with you. Let us help transform your digital challenges into lasting connections. Together, we'll ensure your message doesn't just echo across digital platforms—it sings, touching lives and inspiring transformation.

Contact us today to discover how we can tailor a marketing strategy that resonates deeply, earns attention authentically, and builds lasting connections that can transform more lives.