Which Digital Platforms To Use Today

During this KillerB Office Hour webinar, we discuss which digital platforms are best for you today. With the constant change in digital, how do you know which platforms are the best for you? Plus, Olivia shares the current DigitalBuzz on Facebook Reels.

Key Takeaways

  1. The customers’ journey on digital goes beyond social media
  2. The best doesn’t mean it’s the best for you today
  3. You don’t have to be on every platform

Webinar Speakers

Brian Curee, CEO Killer Bee Marketing

Brian Curee

CEO & Digital Strategist @Killer Bee Marketing

Brian Curee has spent over a decade in the world of digital, with experience that spans across strategy, design, development, and social media management. He has served in the Christian radio industry since 2013, is an active EntreLeader Elite member who completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology. Brian is passionate about helping others in the Christian Radio industry do digital with purpose and confidence.


Olivia Yetman

Social Media Coach @Killer Bee Marketing

Olivia Yetman graduated with her Bachelors in Strategic Communications and Journalism. She has been serving the Christian radio industry for over a decade. As the former Social Media Director for 104.9 The River in Columbus, Ohio, she helped grow their Facebook page from 1,000 likes to over 265K! Olivia’s passion is to help more stations and nonprofits build communities on social media platforms.