Is The Metaverse The Next Big Thing

Is the Metaverse a Fad or Fab?

Do you think the Metaverse is the next being thing? Is it a fad, fab, or just scary? Brian and Olivia discussed this question and…

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Are We Closer Than We Realize

Metaverse: Are We Closer Than We Realize?

In this LIVE broadcast replay, Brian and Olivia share their Metaverse experience by sharing some video recordings from the Metaverse and thoughts on…

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Why Go Live + 7 Things To Do Before Going Live

Let’s talk about five reasons you should consider doing a live video and seven things to do before going live.

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Which Digital Platforms To Use Today

Let’s talk about which digital platforms are best for you today, and Facebook Reels.

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Short-form Video & Superfans

During this KillerB Office Hour, Brian and Olivia discussed the recent DigitalBuzz around text-based posts on Facebook, the rise of short-form videos, and the importance behind creating superfans. Plus, they gave away…

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Webinar Replay - Christmas Ideas & Planning For Digital In 2022

Christmas Ideas & Planning For Digital In 2022

During this webinar, Brian and Olivia shared some KILLER Christmas ideas that radio stations can use on social media and their website to engage with their audience during the holiday season. Plus, they provided some guidance on how to start planning for digital in 2022.

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