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Let’s Poke & BeReal About Social Media Bans

In this edition of Digital Buzz, we’re navigating through a mix of social news. There’s plenty to talk about from the looming threat of a TikTok ban, BeReal’s moment of truth, to revisiting Facebook’s attempt to bring back the ‘Poke’ 👉 and YouTube’s leap into vertical livestreams. But that’s not all – we’re also going to discuss the trend that’s been quietly making waves: the noticeable dip in social media engagement across platforms.

Why are these topics relevant for business leaders, digital marketers, strategists, and content creators? Because each shift, trend, and new feature has the potential to reshape the way we connect with our audiences, craft our messages, and build our digital communities. So, let’s dive in together to explore what these changes mean for us and consider how we may want to adapt our strategies moving forward.

TikTok Ban: The Controversy Continues

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill that might lead to a nationwide TikTok ban. This action arises from ongoing concerns about data privacy, national security, and foreign entities’ impact on American users. The proposed ban has ignited a spirited debate, underscoring the platform’s massive popularity and its significance in digital marketing strategies for businesses.

BeReal’s Reality Check

BeReal emerged as a beacon of authenticity, offering a break from the polished appearance of traditional social platforms. However, recent developments indicate that BeReal is encountering challenges of its own. Despite an initial surge in popularity, the platform’s growth has stalled, with its user base hovering around 25 million. Reports of financial struggles are of concern, casting uncertainty on its future. BeReal could BeGone RealSoon.

Facebook’s Poke 👉 Beyond the Digital Nudge

In a nod to simpler times, Facebook is bringing back the Poke, that whimsical feature for sending virtual “nudges” that no one ever seemed to know in what situation it would be appropriate to use. This throwback is reappearing in our digital interactions, now showing up more in search results for people. 

YouTube’s Vertical Livestream

YouTube’s fresh take on live streaming, tailored for the mobile-first generation, embraces the vertical layout. By integrating this feature with YouTube Shorts, the platform offers a new approach to live experience where users can directly interact with the stream—chatting, purchasing channel memberships, and effortlessly swiping to discover more vertical content on their mobile phone.

Feedback from the creator community provides a glimpse into the potential impact of this new format. Some have shared that while audience retention may be lower, engagement levels are notably higher. This observation aligns with the nature of YouTube Shorts, where content is consumed in a fast-paced, interactive environment. 

Killer Bee Thoughts

Let’s start with the TikTok Buzz. I am frequently asked about my thoughts on this app and its potential ban. As a digital marketer, I see the appeal of TikTok for brands trying to reach Gen Z. Its short-form video format is perfect for capturing attention and creating viral content. If you choose to use TikTok, be mindful of how much time and resources you invest in building on any leased digital platform. While I refrain from discussing security concerns or predicting bans, it’s crucial to consider the possibility of platforms like TikTok disappearing. Reflecting on “what if” scenarios can enhance your digital strategies and preparedness for unforeseen changes in the tech landscape. 

BeReal’s Buzz underscores the need to tread carefully on leased digital platforms and strategize the shift to digital assets you own. According to the latest Social Media Benchmarks report from Rival IQ, people are NOT engaging on social apps as they used to. Some businesses are wondering if social media is the most effective approach. As business leaders, it is vital that we stay informed about evolving trends while fostering a collaborative environment that encourages our teams to innovate in response to what lies ahead in the digital field.

My take on YouTube’s Vertical Livestream shift is more of an observation drawn from feedback from YouTube creators. Their feedback indicates a smaller viewership but heightened engagement, signaling a change in how we should perceive audience interaction: progressing through a funnel where, as we go deeper, the numbers may decrease, yet the involvement from this smaller group of people should become significantly impactful and potentially more effective. 

Until Next Time

Wrapping up this “Digital Buzz,” it’s clear digital marketing is always changing and getting more complicated. From the potential TikTok ban and BeReal’s challenges to the nostalgic return of Facebook’s Poke and the innovative approach of YouTube’s Vertical Livestream, these developments remind us of the constant need to adapt and evolve our strategies.

Let’s take the return of the Poke not just as a quirky feature but as a prompt to remember and prioritize deeper, more meaningful connections. In a world where digital interactions can sometimes feel impersonal, a genuine message or a heartfelt conversation can make all the difference. As we navigate these changes, let’s commit to building digital communities that are not only engaged but more connected and meaningful.

If you’re aiming to refine your digital strategy and empower your team to use digital platforms more effectively, consider scheduling an on-demand coaching session with one of our seasoned coaches today. We’ll show up to empower you.

🤖 This article is based on my own experiences, reflections and thoughts. Research supported by AI tools to gather additional data and insights.

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