Social News for March 2023

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about what people are talking about in social media and some of the big companies that use digital technology. 


While there continues to be a good amount of skepticism. Meta is not stopping with their investment in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Meta is making plans, and they were shared with staff this week. They have a map of what they plan to do, including releasing glasses in 2025 with a heads-up display element and their full-fledged AR glasses for release in 2027, they plan on launching a more powerful Quest 3 headset this year, and they are close to laughing their photorealistic Codec avatars (which will involve more powerful VR headsets).

Meta is no longer doing projects with NFTs. They are putting their resources into other things. This means there won’t be any more NFT displays on Facebook or Instagram.

Meta is introducing a new program to the US called the Meta Verified Program. With this program, you can buy a blue checkmark on Facebook or Instagram for $11.99 per month online or $14.99 in an app. This includes any fees from the App Store.


Meta made new changes to Facebook Reels. You can now make videos that are up to 90 seconds long. It also added something called Memories integration, and there are now new trending Reel templates. 


Twitter is going to let people write longer tweets. Right now, blue subscribers can post up to 4K characters, but soon they will be able to post up to 10K characters.

Twitter is making a new feature. It will show why you see certain tweets in your “for you” feed. All of the tweets you see have something to do with things you like or do online. The new feature will help you understand why these tweets are shown to you.


TikTok is making changes to help young users stay safe. They are setting limits on how much time teens can spend on the app. Parents can also control how their teen uses the app. Teens now have a limit on how long they can use this app by default.

TikTok is worried that the US government might ban it. So they are trying to show how they help small businesses in the US. They will show how small businesses use TikTok to talk to customers and build their businesses.

In the first three months of 2023, TikTok was downloaded more than any other app. It was downloaded more times than Instagram. This is according to data from


LinkedIn has a new feature that lets you plan your posts for up to 3 months in advance. You can look at all the posts you have planned using the company page tools. Right now, this is only available on the web version of the app.


Neal Mohan is the new CEO of YouTube. He has ideas for how to make YouTube better. He wants to give creators more tools so they can earn more money and share their stories. There will also be YouTube TV developments, generative AI, podcasts, and other things. Neal’s goal is to help creators get paid more money and keep them making content on YouTube.

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