Social News for December 2022

Stay up-to-date by knowing which topics are popular on the internet. This blog post will give you a list of some of the most talked-about topics from December 2022.

LinkedIn Buzz

  • LinkedIn announced its latest feature update for Company Pages is here, and it includes new tools to help you showcase your newsletter, improved privacy-focused audience segmentation options for ads, and enhanced competitor analytics. Newsletters have seen big growth on LinkedIn of late; take advantage of this amazing opportunity!
  • LinkedIn has recently introduced Native Post Scheduling to their app, allowing users to easily manage and maximize their presence on the platform. With increased uncertainty surrounding other popular social media outlets like Twitter, this is a significant development that could help many capitalize on the LinkedIn network. (currently being rolled out fully)

Instagram Buzz

  • Instagram tests more BeReal-Like Elements as it looks to lean into the Authentic Social Shift – Recently, Instagram has moved to mirror BeReal’s Candid feature with a few alternate components. Now scattered throughout the app are these new elements ready to be utilized!
    • Instagram has developed a new feature called ‘Roll Call’ that allows group chat members to request each participant add an image or video of themselves within five minutes.
    • Instagram is taking creativity and self-expression to the next level with ‘Glimpse’ Stories, where you can use your front and back cameras to show what you’re doing in real-time. It’s similar to BeReal.
  • Instagram has made it simpler than ever to regain access to locked accounts with new tools while introducing new and improved measures to prevent impersonation.

Meta Buzz

  • To steer users towards the Metaverse transition, Meta has presented exciting fresh ways to employ your 3D avatar on Facebook and Instagram. You can now post exclusively as your cartoon-like virtual self with a special option created specifically for avatars! With this development, it’ll be easier for people worldwide to connect through animated versions of themselves.
  • Meta is rolling out a new targeting feature that can help you craft effective ads on both Facebook and Instagram – Audience Targeting for Your Instagram Followers! This capability allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns if they are specifically targeted toward those who already follow your brand’s IG page.

TikTok Buzz

  • TikTok is testing a revolutionary new approach (well, not exactly, lol) to watching videos: a horizontal, full-width display! With this YouTube-inspired design, you can now enjoy your favorite TikTok clips in an entirely different way.

YouTube Buzz


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