Social News for November 2022

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing which topics are popular in the digital world. This blog post will give you a rundown of some of the most talked-about topics from November 2022.

Meta Buzz

Meta is committed to helping creators monetize their work and has announced several new features to help facilitate this process. These include expanded options for subscriptions on IG and selling NFTs.

  • Instagram is making fan subscriptions accessible to all qualified creators in the US. This will enable more individuals to generate revenue from their Instagram audience through direct and constant support from their followers.
  • Meta is also releasing new gifts on Instagram Reels, which will allow viewers to send virtual Gifts to Reels creators, which then allocate the cost of that gift as a donation.

When you put on a Meta headset, you’re not just getting transported to another world – you’re entering the Metaverse. Meta is launching XTADIUM on Meta Quest, which will enable users to experience sports in a more immersive, engaging way. This could help spark interest in the Metaverse and lead to even more development of this virtual reality space.

Meta’s Removing Religious, Political, and Sexual Preference Fields from Facebook Profiles – Meta has begun informing Facebook users that it’s removing several profile info fields in order to streamline the platform and make it ‘easier to navigate. Beginning on December 1st. 

Facebook’s new Groups option, which enables members to make themselves moderators, seems like it will cause more confusion. If you need administrators for your community, choose people you know and trust.

Instagram Buzz

Now, on Instagram, you can add music to your still image posts! This is yet another great way to enjoy music through the IG experience.

After a few weeks of testing with selected users, Instagram is now releasing its new in-app post scheduling tools to all professional accounts.

Snapchat Buzz

Snapchat is partnering with Amazon to bring virtual try-on to the app. This will allow users to try thousands of pairs of glasses from Amazon’s top-selling models.

Pinterest Buzz

Thanks to recent algorithm improvements, Pinterest has seen a significant boost in Pin engagement. The platform published a new technical overview explaining how its improved recommendations maximized engagement – more specifically, how more recent and adaptive usage data has helped it become even better at what it does.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok has launched its first in-app store in the United States as part of a wider eCommerce push. Though it hasn’t become popular as planned quite yet, TikTok is expanding its in-app shopping choices and putting more emphasis on stream commerce by launching the initial phase of integrations for TikTok Shops.

Twitter Buzz

After firing 65% of its workforce, Twitter will now look to hire more developers and engineers to help Elon Musk’s new vision come alive. Although this plan is still rapidly evolving, Musk put together a pitch deck that gives us a better understanding of what he has in mind. However, it’s difficult to say how accurate this information is since the plans could change at any moment.

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