Social News for February 2023

In this blog post, I’ll provide an overview of some of the digital buzz across social media platforms and big competitors in the digital space you may be familiar with.

Facebook / Meta

Meta is testing something called the “Meta Verified” Paid Verification Scheme. This will work on Facebook and Instagram. With this paid verification, you get better verification and help from customer support if needed.

Meta is also testing product promotions in IG Group Chats. Meta wants to monetize messaging. They want businesses to use their apps for private messaging and help them grow.

Meta’s latest Community Standards report highlights its evolving detection efforts as they outline Actions on Spam, Fake Accounts, and Violations. 


Instagram is trying something new to get people excited about using the app again. They are testing out special memories prompts that may help people use the app more.

Instagram is testing a new feature that adds your location to the Reels you post. This will help tell people where the video was taken and can help make sure people don’t spread false information.


Pinterest has 450 million people using it now. They released their earnings report for the last part of 2022, showing users and revenue increases. They are continuing to add new features.


Google is joining the world of artificial intelligence (AI) with “Bard.” It is similar to another AI program called ChatGBT but has a different purpose than other AI programs.


People who pay for Twitter Blue can now post tweets that are longer. They can have up to 4,000 characters in their tweets. This is only available for people in the US.


TikTok is trying out In-Stream Shopping Options. They are working with selected retailers to let people buy items directly from the app. This could help increase TikTok’s revenue potential.


LinkedIn is changing user profiles with new visual display elements and newsletter scheduling features.

Other Buzz

People are spending more money than ever before using their phones. This year, people spent over one trillion dollars on their phones. That is 21% more than last year, according to Comscore’s 2023 State of Digital Commerce Report. This marks the highest ever for buying things online.

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