Social News for October 2023

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In today’s ever-changing digital sphere, keeping a finger on the pulse of the tech world is essential. Join us as we dive into the “October Digital Buzz,” your go-to source for a thoughtfully curated blog of the most significant developments in the digital landscape. We’re here to make sure that you stay well informed and up-to-date. 

Twitter Buzz

X is on the verge of introducing a set of new tiered premium pricing packages, which will include an ad-free subscription option. This development is becoming evident as the app’s backend code indicates the existence of three distinct versions of the X Premium package.

A recent analysis by Apptopia, a platform monitoring the app usage of over 100,000 mobile users, indicates a notable decline in X’s usage. The findings reveal that X currently boasts approximately 121 million daily active users, a stark contrast to the 253 million figure self-reported by X.

Meta Buzz

A recent report highlights the ongoing decrease in referral traffic originating from Facebook and X, confirming a trend familiar to website managers. Over the past year, both social media giants have witnessed a substantial reduction in their contributions to overall visitor numbers. 

Expanding on earlier indications that Meta is considering the introduction of an ad-free subscription tier for Facebook and Instagram, The Wall Street Journal has revealed specifics regarding the suggested pricing for these potential offerings. Meta presented this proposal to EU officials last month, though the exact cost is still under deliberation. As it stands, the proposed fee is set at $14 per month.

Tiktok experimenting with Ad-Free Subscription Offering – TikTok is seemingly looking to charge users $US4.99 per month to eliminate ads from their TikTok experience. Well, it looks like US dollars, based on AA’s discovery, but it could also relate to other currencies and payment markets. But the bottom line is that TikTok is at least considering offering an ad-free version, for a monthly fee, joining Meta, and potentially X, in providing an ad-free experience tier.

Meta is enhancing its “Accounts Center” tool, as part of its ongoing commitment to streamline account management features. In a recent announcement, Meta revealed that it will be expanding the capabilities of the Accounts Center management platform. This update will further consolidate your options for managing personal data from both Facebook and Instagram within this centralized control interface.

LinkedIn Buzz

LinkedIn is broadening the availability of its custom CTA (Call to Action) buttons for user profiles. These buttons will now appear in both search results and within post streams, enhancing opportunities for creator engagement and interaction.

Instagram Buzz

Instagram is strengthening its focus on private group sharing by introducing a new feature that allows you to share a Story with multiple group lists simultaneously. This offers improved control over the audience for your updates, enhancing the way you curate your content.

Instagram is introducing another interactive feature by testing polls within comment streams for feed posts and Reels. This feature provides selected users with an additional way to engage with content.

Instagram is exploring a fresh sticker feature that allows users to create stickers from objects within their photos. This innovative tool involves a photo cut-out process to transform image elements into stickers.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok has announced a forthcoming enhancement to the app’s accessibility features. Starting next month, all videos on TikTok will come with default auto captions as a part of the platform’s efforts to enhance accessibility.

Digital Buzz Summary

In this month’s October Digital Buzz, we navigated the ever-evolving digital landscape to bring you the latest and most significant developments in the tech world. From the impending introduction of tiered premium pricing packages by Twitter’s X, complete with an enticing ad-free subscription option, to the intriguing analytics revealing a decline in X’s usage, our spotlight keeps you up to date on the social media giants. Join us monthly as we continue to keep you updated. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the constant changes in the digital world, we get it and we’re here to help you! Schedule a meeting with Killer Bee Marketing to see how our team can help you!

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