Video Talk with Brant Hansen

Brian Curee

Today Brant Hansen is joining us to share some of the challenges he has faced going from radio to being on video.

Brant Hansen Interview

BRIAN: Brant, I know it can be challenging for people on radio to transition to sitting in front of a camera. Being on video is hard for a lot of people, even outside of radio. What has this transition been like for you?

BRANT: The hardest thing for me is just being myself. For whatever reason, being on the radio is more comfortable. I don’t have to worry about what I look like. My body language is all wrong, and I don’t have to think about that on radio. I’ve dealt with this my whole life. I go around looking really serious. People are like, “What’s the matter?” I’m fine. On radio, I don’t have to think about what I’m looking like. I love that about radio! But that’s the biggest challenge for me on video. Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I’m just thinking. I’m probably thinking about aliens, space or the moon. With video it becomes very apparent and that is something I’ve had to learn. 

The good thing about doing video is people watch it! This is where people are. If I care about people, and I want to communicate something, video is an outlet I need to at least try.

I do know from my radio experience that the first air checks for my radio life are horrific. People listen to the show now and don’t like it… you should’ve heard it a long time ago. 🤣

You have to fight through the awkward and awful to get where you want to go.

Brant Hansen

BRIAN: I love that, Brant. You can either take the first few seconds and talk yourself out of doing video or just hit record and do it.

BRANT: Yes. Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing poorly. I really do believe that. I have to be NOT so caught up in myself that I can’t allow myself to look bad. It’s okay to look bad. It’s OK. Ultimately you’re looking to connect with people. So forgetting myself is key on the radio, and I’m sure it’s key on video.

BRIAN: That’s good. It’s not about us. It’s about the people watching.

BRANT: Yeah. I think that’s the goal. To get in that frame of mind with video as well as radio. Where it’s less focused on, “I’m doing video. Where’s the camera? OK. I’m on camera.” I don’t want to be thinking about that. I just want to be a blessing to others.

BRIAN: WOW. Thank you, Brant, for being transparent about the challenges you have faced sitting in front of the camera. If you found this interview encouraging, be sure to say thanks to Brant in the comments below, and check out his YouTube Channel at!

3 Key Takeaways from Brant’s Interview

Be yourself.
Be willing to do it poorly at first.
Be a blessing to others. 

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