Why Being Social Is Important on Social Media

Social media engagement is one of the most crucial strategy aspects of building a social community with a solid follower base. It’s in the name- “social”…meaning you’re being encouraged to socialize and build relationships with the followers who appreciate the content you put out on social media platforms while giving them a reason to come back tomorrow. There’s an art to it- drawing in people by being approachable, honest, fun, and putting a focus on serving your audiences’ needs. In this article we’re going to primarily focus on what it’s important to be social on social media. You can learn more about serving your audiences’ needs by reading a past article Adding Value With Content Marketing.

Ways You Can Be More Social & Improve Your Social Media Engagement

No One Likes Talking to Themselves

What’s fun about a one-way conversation? You’re not on social media to interact with yourself, right?. People comment and like posts to show that they appreciate your content. It’s only natural that you respond and continue the conversation. By replying to comments, you build a community and grow brand loyalty by making your followers feel valued, which makes others want to jump into the community as well. The more engaging and fun you make those responses, the better your social media engagement will be. Use GIFs, hilarious pics, or video responses. It’s been proven that people like funny, and they like seeing your personality, so show it!

Let’s go back to that conversation point. An initial reply is fine, but if you can create topical posts or initiate thoughtful conversations based on a reply, that instantly drives up social media engagement and creates an engagement loop. Ask questions in the comments, reply to questions posed, and further the conversation as much as possible. This will allow your posts to be seen in news feeds or on Facebook Watch if it’s a video, making it searchable. 

Social Media Engagement

Revive Your Old Posts With Social Media Engagement

By commenting and engaging with your followers in the comments regularly, not only can you make your new posts an instant hit, but you can make old posts feel new again. You can either boost the post via Ads Manager on your Facebook or Instagram and attract new commenters, then reply to those comments and further the conversation. Or, you can post something related to the initial topic as a follow-up, even tagging people to get the socializing going amidst your followers. You can use polls in Facebook/Instagram stories by sharing ‘On This Day’ posts to ask new questions about past posts. 

Collaborate On Social Media Platforms

Connect with Other Brands/Nonprofits

It’s not only your followers that you should be engaging with. Brands/Nonprofits with similar or bigger audiences can help put you in the sights of their followers, too, boosting your brand’s social media exposure. For example: if you’re promoting a podcast topic, and another brand offers content that your podcast is based on, then you can tap into each other’s audiences and crosspost. Why compete when you can merge and build up other brands/nonprofits while adding more credibility to your own? It’s a win-win situation. 

Social Media Posts Reactions & Emojis

Like/Love Comments

Being bland will get you nowhere in social spaces, whether online or in real life. Followers want to feel important and want to feel like you care for their needs. Commenting is one thing, but you can utilize your like, love, and care buttons on Facebook whenever people comment on your posts, especially comments that express a love for your service or the content you create. 

Also, use those emojis! There are plenty of them on your computer or phone to use, with more phones now having built-in emojis when you type in certain words. Using emojis in posts and comments makes the experience on any social media platform more pleasant and fun for followers. And don’t forget to gif, or is it jif? Gifs are another fun way to engage with your audience on social platforms that allow this feature. Research shows that people love animated gifs and videos, so they’re great social media engagement tools.

Social Engagement

What Happens If You Don’t Respond? 

Failure to boost social media engagement is detrimental to your page’s growth. By ignoring DMs or not engaging followers in the comments, they can feel unwanted and will seek service elsewhere. They could also assume you’re a bot or just doing it for attention; if you’re just doing it to be talked about in social circles, you’re working off a flawed premise. You have to follow up on posts once they’re published. If you don’t check comments or messages, it will make your page less accessible in feeds and create a negative impact on your page insights.

Social media is all about creating a buzz, and Killer Bee Marketing can offer you tips on how to make that buzz more profound. Get in touch today!

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