Why Instagram Reels For Radio

Introduced in August 2020, Instagram Reels have proven to be a suitable alternative to TikTok, allowing Instagram users to produce short, trendy videos on the platform. You can upload 15 or 30-second videos using special effects, audio, and various creative tools to present potentially viral videos to your followers. 

It’s an excellent tool for your digital marketing strategy to engage users and liven up your Instagram feed. Here’s some insight into how Instagram Reels works and why you should consider using it to promote your radio station. 

How Do Instagram Reels Work? 

Posting on Instagram using Reels is a cinch. 

Instagram Reels can be found on the main navigation bar of an Instagram profile. To get to the Reels feature on your profile, open the Instagram app, and then click the “Your Story” icon located at the top left-hand corner below the Instagram sign. Next, you’ll be taken to the camera feature, where you’ll see a black bar located at the bottom that gives you the option to use Instagram Post, Story, Reels, and Live. 

Once you choose Reels, you’ll notice several editing tools for 

  • Music: This allows you to choose from an array of licensed music.
  • Timer: You can choose how long your clip will be, cropping as you see fit or leaving it as is.
  • Speed: You can record video clips ranging from 30% slower to 400% faster.
  • Effects: Contains happy/silly faces among several colorful effects to add a dynamic look to your Reels.

Once you record a clip, another editing tool, Align, will appear. The Align tool helps you to line up a pair of clips to match their on-screen positions. As you click the icon that contains two squares that overlap, you get an overlay on your screen of the last frame from your previous recording. Then, tap the preview button to preview and the share to button on the bottom right-hand corner to publish the Reel. 

How Do Reels Differ From TikTok?

Unlike TikTok, which is more tailored to attract Gen Z audiences and is ideal for social media influencers, Instagram Reels have been increasingly relied on for Instagram marketing strategies. More businesses are using Reels to showcase how-to videos and clips to promote their services/products. TikTok mainly caters to 10 to 19-year-olds, while Instagram’s biggest target audience is 25 to 34-year-olds. 

TikTok videos give you more leeway with 60-second videos as opposed to the 30-second max for Instagram Reels. Additionally, despite having similar interfaces and algorithms, TikTok’s community makes it easier for quick sharing. However, Instagram Reels may be ideal for your radio station if you’re already utilizing the IG platform. 

Why Not Simply Post TikTok Videos On Instagram?

As common a practice as this is, it isn’t recommended. Instagram has discouraged users from uploading clips that use visibly recycled content from other apps with watermarks or logos. This is understandable as Instagram tries to boost the popularity and availability of its Reels feature. They also don’t want people uploading low-resolution videos or videos that are covered mainly by text. According to the platform, each of these means will attract fewer recommendations and pop up in fewer newsfeeds. 

Instagram Reels Improves Outreach

Instagram Reels is proving to be very popular worldwide. Plus, video views can increase as much as five times when you use Instagram Reels. Using your Reels, you can showcase your stations’ DJ personalities while also guiding those hurting on these platforms. Don’t forget your station’s mission. Providing fun, laughter and hope will make people want to tune in to your radio shows on Reels. You can even use it to promote giveaways and contests to engage listeners. 

Tools Available For Creators

You can use some notable features and tools for Reels as a creator to boost your videos. Some of them include: 

  • Audio Mix: You can use the Audio Mix to add any songs or instrumentals you want to your videos.
  • Voiceover: You can record your voice using this feature to add some narrative to your Reels. 
  • Remix Reels: This allows you to film reactionary reels next to your original reels. Inspired by TikTok Duets, you can add comedic reactions or anything fun in reaction to your original Reel. Instagram gives credit to the creator of the original video, putting that video on the left while your new Reel will appear on the right.

These methods can help you gain the kind of engagements and brand loyalty you’re looking for to gain new listeners. To craft a social media strategy that is sure to get you a buzz, contact Killer Bee Marketing today.

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