Do Your Social Media Event Posts Flop?

Olivia Yetman

Social media is about connecting with people, not just promoting things. You might be creative, but posts about events usually don’t get as many likes and comments as other posts. We’ve tried posting about events in many different ways, and it’s just not as effective. I’m not saying to stop posting about events completely. I’m just saying there are better ways to post about them on Facebook than on your feed. You might think not getting any responses to your event post is no big deal. But it is a big deal! Facebook’s algorithm will push your other posts down in people’s feeds if you don’t get any engagement on your event post. That means you’ll miss out on potential attendees. In this blog, I’ll share some ideas that hopefully help show you another way.

Using Stories For Events

The next time you’re getting ready to post about an event, move your posts to stories! Stories were created for this very thing. Timely and not evergreen content. They go away after 24 hours, so it also helps with any confusion if someone sees a post about your event that’s been over for a while. 

Here are three steps to follow to get the most out of stories for your events. 

  1. Create multiple designs for your stories so you can post multiple times about the same event, but it gives it a different look, so people will continue to pause and look at the information. You can use static images and video. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. 
  2. Give a clear Call to Action and make sure you are taking advantage of the Swipe Up/Link Sticker and sending people to a page that gives them easy access to all the information or allows them to buy tickets right away. Don’t send them to a page where they must jump through many hoops. 
  3. Ask questions or use polls to get people to stop and engage with your stories. Stories also have their own algorithm, so when you do this, it helps move your circle to the beginning of the storyline. 

Create Events On Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is another great way to create awareness about your event. It’s another native Facebook tool that they like you to use and has many advantages. It allows you to add all your event details and invite people to the event. People can also RSVP, share the event with their friends, and comment on the event. This encourages engagement and helps spread the word about your event. When they click “going to” or “interested,” their friends can see that in their newsfeeds and look at the information. It can also populate for those in your area looking for a local event. Be sure to share the link to your event in stories as well! 

If you are not sure if your business is doing a good job of promoting events on social media, please contact us. We can help you market your event online using social media and other strategies.

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