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In today’s digital realm, companies are fighting tooth and nail to capture and engage target audiences. With so much competition for people’s attention online, brands have to find ways of standing out from the noise. Video marketing has become a highly effective approach, providing companies with the strategic one-two punch you need to stay ahead of the competition. By integrating video into your marketing campaigns, many companies are turning out incredible results. 

Whether you’re a small or big radio station, organizations across multiple industries use video marketing to boost engagement and ROI. A survey by Renderfrost on the effectiveness of video marketing showed that 54% of companies experienced an increase in their sales. While 78% achieved more traffic to their site. 

What is Video Marketing?

Using video to convey a message to your target audience, it’s an online marketing technique that can be used to promote products, brands, and services. Through this technique, your radio station can increase its listeners’ engagement, convert more, and improve your station’s brand. The Killer Bee Marketing team can help you plan a video marketing campaign that will boost your stations’ digital footprint and improve your digital marketing efforts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Here’s one tip for you when creating a video ad. Don’t start with a talking head. Try stepping into the camera shot or having a flashy transition so your video grabs the scroller’s attention. 👍

Benefits of using video as a marketing tool on Facebook

Think about this: if you’re looking to explore something new or better understand a subject within minutes, where would you look? Chances are, most people would turn to an online platform like YouTube or Facebook. Every month, 1.25 billion people watch videos through Facebook Watch, Facebook’s video streaming service videos. When you use ads to engage with your audience, you’re essentially helping Facebook and other video-focused social media platforms like TikTok connect people to the content they crave. 

Video allows us to connect with people using more senses than just looking at a stock image. Video captions and subtitles ensure your message gets across to your audience, even when the sound is turned off, or users are HoH (hard of hearing). Studies also show that 83% of people watch a video with the sound off on any device. Similarly, 80% of audiences are more likely to watch a full video if there are subtitles. is a great site that offers speech-to-text services, making it easier to add subtitles to the killer content you can create for your radio station. This software is a game-changer for companies looking to use video captions to attract and engage with users who are deaf and HoH (hard-of-hearing) and not able to listen to your station. Stay ahead of the curve by providing rich content and creating opportunities for anyone to engage with your brand through video.

Personalized Engagement With Facebook Video Retargeting 

Facebook video retargeting ads allow you to reconnect with listeners who are already aware of your radio station or brand. These are listeners who have engaged with you online somehow: whether they’ve shared their email with you, Liked you on Facebook, interacted with your radio app, or viewed individual pages on your site. 

Using the Facebook Ad Manager’s custom audience feature, businesses can capture information on people who have watched 25, 50, or 75% of your video content and then retarget their different audiences with customized ads that fit their interests based on the videos watched. Since people are more likely to interact with brands they’re familiar with, retargeting is a win-win for radio stations and listeners. By connecting you with “warm” audiences through video retargeting, you’ll see higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-click (CPC) than other advertising options.

2 Video Retargeting Strategies

1. Re-engage lost audiences

Video retargeting campaigns are designed to reach listeners who have interacted with your site or engage with your content during a given period. Our team at KBM understands that there are many opportunities for stations to grow their audiences. Since no two stations or people are the same, re-engaging with lost audiences through video retargeting is an effective way to win them back. And there’s no need to worry about being subtle here—even using a big banner that reads “We Miss You!” can make for a highly effective way to initiate contact with audiences from years or campaigns past. 

2. Sequencing Ads

Sometimes it may take more than just one follow-up attempt to connect with audiences. There will always be those listeners who require a series of subtle nudges to get them to move onto the next stage phase of their consumer journey. Using sequencing ads effectively sets specific time windows on your videos in your multiple-ad series. Imagine you’re coming to the close of an 8-day Facebook ad campaign: you might have started by targeting all of your various listeners, but you may want to exclude those who have already visited your site during Days 1-4. By setting up these specific filters, you ensure you’re focusing on that untapped audience so that the right listeners see your ad.

Ready to take your video marketing to the next level? Killer Bee Marketing can provide 1:1 coaching to help your brand unleash video to connect to more audiences. Contact us to find ways to leverage your existing video content.

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