3 Metrics That Really Matter on Social Media

Brian Curee

When you think about tracking the success of your social media efforts, do you first think of tracking reactions and followers? A new report from Social Media Today confirms what we’ve been talking about: the most important things to track on social media to improve your marketing efforts. This might surprise you, but it’s not followers or likes. We’ve been talking about this for a little while- followers may not even exist in the Metaverse. We’re moving into an era of social media that will be more heavily focused on relationships, connection, and you guessed it- engagement.

What Metrics Should You Be Tracking

1) Engagement

This is no surprise, of course. We talk about it all the time. Getting engagement on your content- comments, shares, and saves (on IG) is the first part of what really matters on social media. When your followers take the time to stop the scroll and make a comment on your post, it shows they are really interested in that topic and what you have to say about it. Think about how you feel about your personal social media…does it hit different when you get comments as opposed to just a reaction? There’s no shortcut to quality engagement. It all comes down to quality content and taking the time to interact with your audience. Lean more on how to increase engagement on social media.

2) Engagement Rates

Are you noticing a pattern? You want to look at the kind of engagement you’re getting and the way you’re responding to it. For example, are you just giving a like back, are you commenting back, are you sending a video reply, and are you moving the conversation to DMs? We have to be more intentional with our engagement and show our followers that we really value their time. One of the most valuable things you can ask from your audience is time. We need to show them how much we respect that they took the time to comment on our content.

3) Issues Resolved

You probably get messages from people with problems they want to be resolved (for example: streaming down, website down, questions about music, etc.) Tracking those interactions, how they’re handled, how long it takes, etc. will give you a better idea about how efficiently your team is handling problems and if the systems you have in place are working.

Do you have a Brand Connect Strategy?

It’s one thing to have a strategy about how often you publish online or on social media, but a brand connect strategy is about how you connect with your audience beyond the newsfeed. If you see on your feed that someone says, “Hey, I need prayer right now” and you send them a personal message that says, “We are praying for you.” Then you make a note of that and put it in your database and in one week you reconnect through a private message and ask, “How are you doing? We’ve been praying for you.” That sets you apart on these digital platforms. It’s showing that people are more than numbers to you. We’re talking about people, relationships, and engagement. When you’ve been working in the digital world for a while, it’s easy to get numb to what people are really feeling on the other side. People are tired of all the fake, all the brand awareness. They just want people to connect with them to treat them like real people. That’s the direction we’re going. It’s all about giving value to people, serving them, creating community, and being who you are supposed to be as Christian broadcasters. That’s what people are craving. Don’t let those numbers get you so distracted that you forget there are real people on the other side of that feed that just want to know that they matter. That you value them, you value their time, and you care for them. That is how you’re going to build trust in this new era of digital that we’re stepping into- Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Go Deep & Invest In People

For example, in the world we’re building in the Metaverse, right now you can have a maximum of 32 people. People might look at that and say, “32 people?! I want to reach thousands…” Here’s the thing- think about Jesus. He focused on 12 people and He went deep with those 12. It’s not about the number of people you reach, it’s about how deep you go with the audience that is tuned in because what will happen is they will tell other people about you and the good things you’re doing for them. They will be the best marketing tool out there. Invest in the people and trust that God is going to grow your ministry because you’re doing what God asked you to do- caring for and loving people.

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