Social News for December 2023

It’s the last month of 2023 and just like every other month there’s plenty of new digital buzz and changes in the Digital World. We are making sure that you’re staying up to date with the latest information. Dive into December’s Digital Buzz with us! 

Meta Buzz

Meta is facing increased scrutiny regarding allegations that young individuals are being exposed to harmful content. A recently revealed complaint, representing 33 states, asserts that Meta has consistently misrepresented the effectiveness of its moderation teams through Community Standards Enforcement Reports. These reports, as per recent discoveries, appear to deviate from Meta’s internal data on violations.

Meta will eliminate cross-app messaging between Facebook and Instagram starting in mid-December 2023. After this change, users will no longer have the capability to engage in chats with Facebook accounts on Instagram. The removal of cross-app communication means that initiating new conversations or calls with Facebook accounts from Instagram will no longer be possible.

Instagram Buzz

Instagram has made it possible for all users to download publicly posted Reels clips. Prepare to encounter more Instagram content in TikTok clips, as the platform extends this feature to all users, following its initial rollout to U.S. users in June.

Instagram is experimenting with a new “Hype” option aimed at fostering engagement with Stories. Some users are currently testing this feature, allowing them to post comments on a Story that other users can view within the stream.

Threads Buzz

Threads is now universally introducing Topic Tags to all users, following a period of testing in specific markets over the past few weeks. This expansion offers users worldwide additional means to discover relevant discussions within the app.

Youtube Buzz

Recent research from Pew Research indicates that YouTube continues to maintain its position as the top social app among teenagers. The latest report, derived from surveys conducted among social media users aged 13 to 17 between September and October of this year, reveals that YouTube remains the primary online platform for teens. Following YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat are also popular choices, but it’s essential to take note of emerging trends for future planning.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok reports that users dedicate half of their time within the app to watching clips that are a minute or longer. In a private event held at its New York office in late October, TikTok encouraged numerous creators to produce longer videos, emphasizing that doing so could lead to increased earnings and allow for more comprehensive messaging opportunities. Executives from TikTok conveyed to creators the potential benefits of embracing longer-form content.

TikTok has introduced a solution for those seeking inspiration for business-promoting clips. The platform has unveiled a set of Creative Cards, offering straightforward, data-supported prompts to assist users in generating content ideas. These cards aim to stimulate creativity and provide a starting point for crafting engaging TikTok content.

Digital Buzz Summary

To provide content creators with a boost in creativity, TikTok has recently introduced a valuable resource known as ‘Creative Cards.’ Designed to assist users, especially those looking to promote their businesses, these cards offer simple, data-backed prompts for crafting engaging TikTok content. The new feature is set to inspire fresh ideas and facilitate the creation of compelling video clips, catering to a diverse range of users on the popular social media platform.

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