Social News for January 2024

It’s the start of a new year, and of course, there are plenty of changes and exciting things coming up in the digital world! We’re making sure that you don’t miss a beat in 2024. Here are the digital updates for January. 

Meta Buzz

Meta is set to streamline its ad targeting options by removing or consolidating certain detailed targeting features. This adjustment aims to eliminate options that are either not widely utilized, excessively granular, or associated with topics that may be perceived as sensitive by users. This update is particularly noteworthy for Facebook advertisers.

Instagram Buzz

Instagram is testing an enhanced version of its Collections feature, aiming to allow users to share curated sets of posts on their profiles. This new feature has the potential to offer a deeper understanding of users’ interests by showcasing their selected Collections.

Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to create Stories specifically for their friends. In the Stories creation process, some users now have the option to share their Stories with a friend through the “Friend’s Story” feature. If chosen, the recipient can review the Story and, upon approval, add it to their own Story. The shared Story is sent as a message, allowing the recipient to view it, and if they decide to share it, it will appear in their Stories feed with credit to the original creator.

In the most recent app release, Instagram has introduced the ability for users to cancel Stories uploads that are in progress. This new feature gives users a valuable option to pause the upload process, allowing them to identify and rectify errors or issues before the Stories become visible in the app.

AR Buzz

The next phase of augmented reality (AR) is on the horizon as functional glasses approach a consumer launch. This impending AR transition is expected to unlock many new digital marketing and promotional possibilities. Notably, various AR wearable projects are in development, focusing on those by Meta and Snapchat from a social media standpoint. Additionally, the anticipated release of Apple’s Vision Pro is poised to be a significant factor, contingent on its adoption within the market.

Mark Zuckerberg states that Meta is actively striving to take the lead in the AI future. While maintaining its commitment to the long-term metaverse initiative, Meta has significantly intensified its emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI). Zuckerberg and the team are keen to embrace the latest technological trend, foreseeing a transformative influence on our interactions in nearly every aspect of life.

Youtube Buzz

YouTube has introduced simplified tools to facilitate the editing of long-form videos into Shorts. This new option is designed to assist users in reformatting their extended content into the Shorts format, providing a convenient feature for those aiming to capitalize on the popularity of Shorts.

YouTube has announced the upcoming availability of an A/B thumbnail testing option, bringing good news for content creators. Previewed in June, this feature will offer creators an additional tool to optimize the performance of their content by testing different thumbnails.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok has ambitious plans to increase its in-stream commerce expenditure by ten times in 2024, with a target of expanding its US e-commerce business to potentially reach $17.5 billion this year. The specific strategies to achieve this significant growth, however, remain unclear at this time.

Digital Buzz Summary

Meta streamlining ad targeting emphasizes user experience. Instagram’s experiments with Collections and Stories aim for personalized content sharing. The imminent launch of AR glasses opens new marketing possibilities, led by Meta and Snapchat. Zuckerberg’s focus on AI places Meta at tech’s forefront. YouTube’s tools empower creators, and TikTok eyes a substantial e-commerce boost. These developments signal an exciting future in digital experiences and marketing.

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