Social News for February 2024

The digital world is continuing to brim with changes and exciting developments! Rest assured, we’re here to keep you updated on all the latest trends and advancements month to month. Here’s a roundup of the digital updates for February. 

Meta Insights

Meta Posts Strong Revenue and Usage Growth for Q4 2023: Meta has released another robust performance update, revealing a 25% year-over-year surge in revenue and a substantial 201% rise in net income for the three-month period.

Threads Surpasses 130 Million Users, Demonstrating Consistent Growth: Zuckerberg announced that Threads has reached 130 million monthly active users and continues to experience steady expansion.

Facebook Experimenting with Generative AI Prompts to Enhance Post Captions: Facebook is currently testing a new feature that utilizes generative AI to assist users in crafting improved post captions, aiming to enhance content creation.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Introduces Video Cutout Feature for Animated Stickers – This addition brings convenience as Instagram extends its Cutout sticker feature to videos, allowing users to craft animated stickers from any video clip within the app.

Instagram Trials Carousel Posts in Reels Stream: Instagram is currently experimenting with select users to introduce carousels within Reels. This new feature will allow users to share multiple videos and/or still images in a single Reels post.

Instagram Explores Adjusted Hashtag Limits for Posts: Reports suggest that Instagram is testing new limitations on the number of hashtags users can add to their posts. Some users may now find themselves restricted to a maximum of five hashtags per post.

Youtube Insights

YouTube to Showcase Live Streams in Shorts Feed, Introduces Podcast Features: Following TikTok’s lead, YouTube will now feature vertical live-stream broadcasts within the Shorts feed in the app. Additionally, new podcast options are being introduced.

TikTok Insights

TikTok Encourages Users to Download Dedicated Search Shortcut: TikTok aims to boost user engagement within the app by prompting users to download a dedicated TikTok Search shortcut, which can conveniently be added to their device’s Home Screen.

TikTok Explores Enhanced Interaction Between Creators and Subscribers: TikTok is experimenting with a new feature called “Sub Space” to foster engagement between creators and paying subscribers. This subscriber-exclusive live chat element aims to incentivize more sign-ups by providing paying subscribers with dedicated attention during live chats.

Snapchat Insights

Snapchat Surpasses 800 Million Monthly Active Users: Snap announced positive developments today, with its monthly active user count reaching 800 million, up from the 750 million MAU reported in February of last year.

Social News Summary

In February 2024, the digital realm saw significant updates and innovations across various platforms. Meta reported strong revenue and usage growth for Q4 2023, while Threads exceeded 130 million users, demonstrating steady expansion. Facebook experimented with generative AI prompts for post captions, Instagram introduced a video cutout feature for animated stickers, and tested carousel posts in Reels, along with exploring adjusted hashtag limits. YouTube followed TikTok’s lead by showcasing live streams in the Shorts feed and introducing podcast features. Meanwhile, TikTok encouraged users to download a dedicated search shortcut and explored enhanced interaction between creators and subscribers through “Sub Space.” Snapchat celebrated reaching 800 million monthly active users. 

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