Social News for November 2023

It’s no surprise November was another month filled with lots of changes coming to the digital world. We want to ensure that you remain well-informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. Join us as we explore the “November Digital Buzz.”

Meta Buzz

Meta is introducing additional API elements to enhance posting capabilities within third-party management applications. Instagram is incorporating new elements into its Instagram and Reels APIs to offer expanded posting functionality through external apps.

Meta has developed a partnership with Amazon to streamline the shopping experience on Facebook and Instagram. Recent discussions highlight a new agreement that allows users on Facebook and IG to make in-stream purchases of Amazon products.

Instagram Buzz

Instagram is introducing a feature that allows users to highlight post replies in Stories. To boost engagement, when swiping across a reply, users will now have the option to share it directly to a Story. The comment will be displayed in a sticker format within the Stories composer, enabling users to create a Story centered around that specific response.

Instagram is experimenting with fresh features to enhance enclosed group sharing. Emphasizing a commitment to more private sharing, Instagram is currently testing a range of updates that offer users additional ways to engage within smaller groups.

Threads Buzz

Threads introduces a new toggle option allowing users to opt out of having their posts visible on Facebook and Instagram highlights. Meta is now rolling out this feature, providing Threads users the ability to control the visibility of their posts in highlight modules on both social media platforms.

Threads seems to be in the process of incorporating hashtag support, as indicated by recent back-end insights. The Threads team appears to be actively developing this feature, offering users an additional avenue to explore trending conversations within the 

Twitter “X” Buzz

Elon Musk has introduced a new AI chatbot called “Grok” through his company X, marking their entry into the generative AI competition alongside ChatGPT. Currently undergoing limited testing, Grok is set to have a broader launch soon, initially available to X Premium+ subscribers.

LinkedIn Buzz

LinkedIn has announced that past carousel posts will be deleted in December. As a brief reminder, LinkedIn will be discontinuing carousel posts, profile videos, and the in-image linking option soon. This change will not only prevent the future use of these features but will also lead to the removal of previously posted carousels and the deactivation of in-image links.

Youtube Buzz

YouTube is enhancing its copyright claims process to assist creators in avoiding violations. The platform aims to prevent creators from being inundated with multiple claims and is introducing additional options to facilitate creators in addressing copyright claims on their uploads more effectively.

Digital Buzz Summary

In November’s fast-paced digital landscape, our “November Digital Buzz” blog compiles key updates to keep you informed. Meta enhances posting capabilities and partners with Amazon for streamlined shopping. Instagram introduces features like highlighting post replies and explores enclosed group sharing. Threads unveils a post visibility toggle and hints at future hashtag support. Elon Musk enters the generative AI scene with “Grok” in Twitter “X” Buzz. LinkedIn announces the removal of past carousel posts, and YouTube enhances copyright claims processes. Stay tuned for concise insights into the evolving digital realm.

If the continuous shifts in the digital landscape are leaving you feeling overwhelmed, rest assured—we understand. Reach out to Killer Bee Marketing and schedule a meeting to explore how our team can provide assistance tailored to your needs!

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