Social News for April 2023

We live in an ever-evolving digital world where social media platforms are taking the front seat in shaping our online behavior. As a business, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest digital buzz, so in this post, we’ll quickly recap last month’s digital buzz. Let’s dive right in and catch up on the latest digital buzz in social media.


Meta is making a major update to its user security settings and bidding farewell to the Facebook Code Generator. From now on, users no longer need codes from their phones or other devices in order to authenticate additional sessions – enhancing safety without compromising convenience!

Facebook is taking Stories to a whole new level with its latest innovation! The platform has just introduced an AI-driven feature that will automatically generate personalized stories based on the images you’ve previously shared. It’s a great way for users to share even more of their life experiences with friends and family – all at the tap of a button. It’s another way for Facebook to explore ways to get more people posting to stories. 

Meta is expanding access to its Horizon Worlds VR Experience for teenagers. As part of a larger metaverse initiative, Meta will focus on attracting younger users to its VR platform through the introduction of new games and creation features. This effort aims to attract a new audience to the Metaverse. 


Instagram has announced that it will be discontinuing its NFT-related projects and as a result, any active NFTs on Instagram will be deactivated from April 11th onwards. Instagram users have been notified of this development.

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that aims to increase user engagement by allowing them to discover and share content with friends who have similar interests. This feature, called ‘Discover Content Together’, creates a collaborative feed of content from accounts that both users follow or have interacted with. By providing a new way for users to connect over mutual interests, Instagram hopes to enhance engagement and connection on its platform.

Instagram has introduced several new updates for Reels that will assist creators in keeping up with current trends and changes to improve viewer engagement and foster community around their content. With these changes, marketers can optimize their Instagram content and potentially gain valuable insights into their audience.

Instagram has rolled out one of its most highly requested feature updates, which allows users to add up to five links in their profile bio. This new capability increases the potential of driving traffic to external sources through Instagram.


Elon Musk has announced that starting April 15th, only tweets from verified, paying subscribers of Twitter Blue will be recommended in the main ‘For You’ tab of the app. This decision was made due to the disappointing uptake of Twitter Blue and serves as a drastic measure to increase its adoption.


LinkedIn has joined other social media platforms in incorporating algorithmically suggested posts into its network to enhance user engagement. With the introduction of “Suggested Posts,” LinkedIn can display a more extensive range of content to users in their stream based on their interests.


TikTok has confirmed that users can still upload 10-minute videos on the app, despite recent claims to the contrary by some users over the past few weeks.

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