Social News for August 2023

Olivia Yetman

Welcome to the August 2023 Digital Buzz, where we bring you the latest highlights from the ever-evolving digital landscape. In this blog, we dive into the world of social media giants and tech titans as they make significant moves and unveil exciting developments. From Twitter’s battle against bots to Meta’s intriguing development into AI chatbots with diverse personalities the digital realm is buzzing with innovation and change.. Join us as we unpack the hottest updates and trends shaping the digital sphere this August.

Twitter Buzz

X Advances Further in Strengthening ID Confirmation Features to Combat Bots – X remains committed to enhancing ID verification and has recently introduced new code into the app, signaling to the new addition of verification components

X Cannot Eliminate Its Block Feature, Despite Elon’s Remarks – Doing so would violate the guidelines of both Apple and Google Play Store, consequently disqualifying X from being hosted on either platform, thereby potentially leading to the demise of the app.

Meta Buzz 

Meta Is working on AI Chatbots with Over 30 Distinct Personalities – As part of Meta’s forthcoming advancements in generative AI capabilities, the company is working on AI chatbots that will be capable of conversing in a diverse array of personas, as outlined in a recent report by “The Financial Times”.

Meta Expands Threads Features Amidst Slower App Growth – Thread’s growth has slowed down significantly, with only 10% of its earlier pace, currently boasting 120 million total sign-ups. In line with Zuckerberg’s recent announcement, Threads will receive substantial updates such as a desktop application and enhanced search functionality in the near future. Additionally, users can expect a series of smaller enhancements and adjustments aimed at gradually enhancing the overall user experience.

Meta Issues Caution to Group Admins: Sustain Activity or Face Replacement – In recent developments, Facebook has been sending notifications to certain group administrators, urging them to increase their involvement in moderating their groups. Failure to do so may result in Facebook appointing another group member to assume the role.

Meta Introduces Beta Testing for Horizon Worlds on Mobile Devices – Meta is taking its metaverse initiative to the next level by opening applications for the beta test of Horizon Worlds on mobile devices. This move offers an additional entry point into its VR social environment.


Instagram Introduces Enhanced DM Control Features to Empower Users in Preventing Unwanted Contact – Instagram is extending the availability of its new DM control options,  made specifically to help users avoid undesired contact, especially when it comes to unwanted images and videos

Instagram Explores a Fresh Reels Ad Format with Multi-Advertiser Display – Instagram appears to be in the experimental phase of testing a new  Reels ad format, showcasing a new Multi-Advertiser display that has surfaced for select users.

Instagram Trials Extended Reels Upload Options of 3 Minutes and 10 Minutes – Instagram is currently in the trial phase for longer Reels clips, exploring the possibility of allowing users to upload 3-minute and 10-minute Reels internally within the app.


YouTube Enhances Shorts with Additional TikTok-Like Features, Including Collaboration and Q&A Stickers – As Shorts’ popularity continues to surge on YouTube, the platform is intensifying its efforts to compete directly with TikTok by introducing a suite of new TikTok-inspired features for Shorts. These enhancements aim to bring the two platforms into closer alignment. 


TikTok Introduces Mandatory Labels for AI-Generated Content – TikTok has joined the growing list of apps implementing guidelines concerning AI transparency. The platform is now informing users that they must label AI-generated content within the app, or else face the possibility of removal by moderators.

Digital Buzz Summary 

In August we saw a dynamic shift in the digital landscape, with major players making noteworthy strides. Twitter’s commitment to countering bots through enhanced ID verification took center stage, while discussions around the potential demise of a popular app, X, swirled in response to Apple and Google’s guidelines. Meta, on the other hand, revealed plans to introduce AI chatbots with a multitude of personalities and announced significant updates for Threads, cautioning group admins along the way. Horizon Worlds took a leap onto mobile devices through beta testing. Instagram aimed to empower users by extending DM control options and experimenting with new Reels ad formats and longer video uploads. Meanwhile, YouTube intensified its competition with TikTok, adopting TikTok-like features for Shorts. In the world of TikTok, transparency measures came into play with mandatory labels for AI-generated content. These developments demonstrate the ever-evolving nature of the digital sphere, with innovation and user empowerment at the forefront.

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