Social News for July 2023

Twitter Buzz

Twitter has implemented a new measure to prevent data scrapers from accessing tweet data. – As per multiple sources, the platform has begun restricting non-logged in users from viewing tweets.

The “ X”era has begun – With a notable shift, Twitter has rebranded itself as X. Gradually, distinct elements of Twitter are transitioning from the familiar bird symbol to the fresh X emblem. This new logo, conceptualized by a fan and acknowledged as an interim branding step by Elon Musk, marks an intriguing phase in the platform’s evolution.

Elon Musk has revealed that X is experiencing an all-time high in monthly usage – Even amidst increasing competition from Threads. Despite reports of a larger user shift and intensifying rivalry, Musk remains steadfast in his mission to transform the platform, previously recognized as Twitter, into his envisioned ‘everything app’.

Meta Buzz

Meta has unveiled a range of fresh video capabilities for Facebook – Aligning its direction with wider usage patterns in the industry. The company is transitioning Facebook from a mere social application to more of an entertainment platform. As part of this shift, Meta is rebranding its ‘Watch’ section as ‘Video,’ a label that better describes the platform’s extended array of video content, extending beyond the original Watch feed.

Meta introduces an extended range of avatar-related features – Included in this is the integration of avatar-enabled video calls. Users can now engage in video conversations on Instagram and Messenger using their personalized Meta avatars. This strategic move aims to encourage users to transition from Facebook and Instagram to Meta’s more advanced digital space.

Instagram Buzz

Instagram introduces a new feature allowing users to include up to three collaborators in both feed posts and reels. – This enhancement proves to be incredibly useful, acknowledging the influential potential of collaboration within the realm of the Instagram platform.

Threads Buzz

Meta has officially launched Threads – Thus introducing a powerful alternative to Twitter. Simultaneously, the Instagram team has offered a glimpse into the forthcoming features of this innovative platform, and the outlook is promising. Threads boasts an elegant and minimalistic layout similar to the basic functions of a Twitter feed.

Threads achieves an astounding milestone, surging to 100 million downloads in record time – As predicted, Meta’s revolutionary Threads app has secured its position as the fastest-growing app in history. The highly anticipated Twitter alternative, launched ahead of schedule, garnered a staggering 30 million registrations within the first 24 hours. Within mere hours thereafter, this number soared to 50 million, and in under two days, it escalated to a remarkable 70 million. At present, Threads has accomplished an extraordinary feat by surpassing the 100 million registered user mark, solidifying its status as the fastest app to achieve such a significant membership milestone.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok is currently experimenting with a fresh feature that permits users to download their video clips without any watermark. – This empowers users to repurpose their content on various other platforms while still taking advantage of all the awesome editing options in the Tiktok platform. 

TikTok is experimenting with another feature by introducing text-based posts – This adds to the array of options for users to share diverse content. This recent update enables all TikTok users to utilize text posts, presenting a format like Instagram Stories’ text-only updates.

Snapchat Buzz

Snapchat’s user base has surged to 397 million, with notable growth in emerging markets, according to its Q2 2023 performance report. – Furthermore, the report indicates a positive trajectory for Snap’s advertising business, with a higher number of ad partners than before. These partners are experiencing enhanced optimization performance, showcasing signs of recovery and progress for Snap’s advertising ecosystem. We would definitely recommend keeping an eye on Snapchat.

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