Social News for May 2023

Facebook Buzz

Meta Introduces Enhanced Feedback Options for Reels to Ensure Better Alignment with User Preferences – Meta is introducing a range of fresh methods to offer feedback on the Reels appearing in your feed, aiming to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Meta and TikTok Unveil Innovative Initiatives to Foster Collaboration Between Brands and Creators – Embracing the importance of creators, Meta and TikTok have launched exciting new initiatives designed to attract leading creators and connect them with lucrative affiliate marketing possibilities within their respective platforms.

Meta’s Upcoming Twitter Rival App Scheduled for Launch Next Month – Meta’s much-anticipated alternative to Twitter is progressing towards its launch, as a select group of creators is currently being briefed on the functionalities of Instagram’s upcoming text-based app, tentatively named ‘Barcelona.’

Instagram Buzz

Instagram Introduces GIFs in Comments – This latest update brings excitement and potential annoyance, depending on individual perspectives. During a Broadcast Channels chat featuring Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, they announced the exciting news that users can now seamlessly post GIFs in the comments section of Instagram.

Third-Party Platforms to Offer Instagram Stories Scheduling in the Near Future – Exciting developments for social media managers, as Meta introduces Instagram Stories posting functionality to its Instagram Graph API. This update enables third-party posting tools to support seamless Stories posting and scheduling, streamlining content management by providing the convenience of a unified platform. 

Twitter Buzz

Elon Musk Reveals Hiring of New CEO to Succeed Him at Twitter – Exciting developments are underway for Twitter 2.0, as Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has made a significant announcement that a new CEO will assume leadership of the platform in a span of six weeks.

LinkedIn Buzz

LinkedIn Explores Generative AI Prompts for Post Creation – LinkedIn continues to push boundaries by going beyond AI-generated profile summaries and job descriptions. The professional networking platform is now venturing into generative AI for feed posts, allowing users to explore creative suggestions within the composer. This experiment aims to enhance the posting experience on LinkedIn and foster engaging content creation.

TikTok Buzz

TikTok Challenges Montana’s Ban Decision in Legal Battle – In a predictable move, TikTok has initiated a legal challenge against Montana’s decision to ban the app within the state. The popular social media platform is determined to contest the ban and defend its presence in Montana.

YouTube Buzz

YouTube Introduces 30-Second Unskippable Ads for Connected TVs – Recognizing the increasing popularity of the YouTube app on home TV screens, YouTube is expanding the availability of 30-second non-skippable ads to Connected TV campaigns. This strategic move aims to maximize advertising opportunities and engagement on the platform’s connected television experience.

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